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 How to Make Your Girlfriend Fall Madly In love With You

Have you ever caught yourself wishing that you knew exactly what to do and say to your lovely girlfriend and sweet heart? Ever felt that slight discomfort that perhaps your love may no longer be attracted to you?

Don’t you think it could have been wonderful if you had a handbook that would tell you exactly what women are thinking at all times? A simple, easy to read manually that tells you everything you've always wanted to know about women! And especially the sweet heart in your life. Well, keep reading. There is something here for you.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

In all my years viewing dating relationships, I am still amazed at how little men truly know about women. This includes relationships where the couples range from twenty five to almost sixty.

I often thought that once a man reached about forty, he would have a better understanding of what a woman wants from him in terms of a relationship and dating. For example, most woman usually want a man who is considerate enough to make plans for an upcoming date without her having to constantly nag or remind him. However, it seems that very few men pick up on this even though their girlfriend constantly gives them hints.

I have actually seen some women give so many hints about wanting the man to take care of the details of a date that I have had to wonder if they are ignoring them on purpose or if they are truly that insensitive.

Other areas where men and women differ when it comes to dating is in the area of communication.

In most cases, women like to discuss their feelings and emotions, while most men prefer to only talk about their emotions when they have to. When this happens, many women start feeling angry and neglected, and the men in their lives start wondering why their girlfriend are acting this way and what they did wrong. By the time the man figures out they have done something wrong, most women reply that they no longer want to discuss it and that the man should have figured it out.

Looking back on some of the dating relationships I have witnessed over the past ten years, makes me believe that most men are truly from Venus and most women are truly from Mars. Maybe in my lifetime there will come a point when dating relationships between men and women will be a little more balanced. However until that time, I will just be happy if they communicated with each other like they were on the same planet.

By: Mari Pedro

What is it Really, that women want from a man?

Most men wish they could really decipher women and give them what they want, unfortunately, that has been a mystery to men as much as it’s been to women. Women and men have very different ways of communicating, and many times, these different styles of communicating can cause you to become frustrated with the woman you are dating, and she can become frustrated with you in return.

The bottom line is, this type of communication strife is not a good foundation for any relationship. If you usually feel frustrated and struggling to keep up when it comes to figuring out what really is it “that women want from a man,” then you need to stop, listen and change direction.

If you are going to commit to being in a relationship, then you have to be committed to sticking with your woman, through thick and thin. The things that women think are a big deal, men don't usually think twice about.

However, even if you don't think those issues relate to you directly, it is not a good idea to belittle what your girlfriend is saying to you. Women don't necessarily want you to get involved in their girl drama, but if she is having an issue with someone or something, she wants to know that you are supporting her.

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Although the difference between women and men can be frustrating on occasion, it is good that men and women are so drastically different.

It’s because of that “difference between women and men” that brings about the attraction between men and women.

The masculinity and femininity are meant to complement each other in a positive way, and it makes the temporary confusion that occurs really worth it. Once men and women realize the differences, they will actually have a stronger bond and are less likely to cheat on each other.

Most men feel confused when it comes to decoding the female thought patterns. However, although women are complex, keep in mind that they are not trying to be difficult. Any woman will appreciate your patience and understanding as you attempt to relate to her. Keep in mind that for the most part, women are forward thinkers, and they are usually planners, therefore, they can really appreciate a man who has a plan. Even if you aren't in your ideal career or spot in life.

If the two of you have plans for your future, a woman will appreciate that much more than a man who is just sitting around with absolutely no goals or aspirations. If a woman has big plans, the last thing she wants is a man who is going to try and drag her down and discourage her from moving forward. When you are with your girlfriend, it is important to her that you seem proud enough of her to show her off to your friends.

The last thing a woman wants is to feel that you are ashamed of her, or that you are trying to keep your relationship a secret. If you are ashamed of the woman you are dating, then do her a favor and go ahead and break up with her. She really does deserve someone who is going to cherish her and be proud to be with her.

How to Lose Your Girlfriend

Our story takes place during the prime of the Roman Empire in year 400. Lyria is on her way to the public baths with her friend Aly. Lyria turns to her friend. "Oh Aly, I just don't know what to do.

My husband Brutus just gets me so annoyed sometimes," she says. Aly looks back at her and says "Brutus? But he is such a strong and well-connected guy. I heard that he won his last battle at the proving grounds!" "Oh yes, he is a strong and powerful man, but I just can't stand the way he stays out drinking with his friends all night. It means that I have to stay up late taking care of our child.

And he is risking his life out there," Lyria exclaims. "Lyria, watch yourself!" Aly, retorts. "Your man is working hard to fight in the proving to elevate your status. Is it not true that if he wins next week's championship you will have your status elevated?" "It is true," Lyria responds. "We will no longer be indentured servants, and he will be appointed an army officer if he wins. For that I am ever grateful. But, there's just...well I don't quite know how to say this." "What is it, Lyria?"

Aly looks at her, concerned. "Oh, I just wish he would understand me better. He's always out there fighting and drinking and all that and he never seems to come back and look after my needs," Lyria replies, concerned. "I think I take your meaning, Lyria, but Brutus? How could a man like that not satisfy you? No matter, I can see this situation is delicate. You certainly could not talk to him about this?" Aly asks. "But of course not," Lyria replies, looking more concerned than ever.

"I have just the solution for you. Word need not get out. You must speak with Hermucules the doctor, and tell him what ails you. He will speak to your husband on your behalf and assure that Brutus is made to understand what he needs to do," Aly says. "Oh Aly, thank you! I am sure that will solve my problem!"

by: Anonymous -

10 Basic Things Your Girlfriend Wished You Knew About Her


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1.) Attention

When your girlfriend is giving you the details of you her day, are you really listening, or are you listening just enough to be able to repeat back the last five words she said to you? It is important that you make the time you spend with the woman you are dating your priority because if you don't make her a priority, rest assured, she will find someone who will give her the attention she is seeking.

2.) Affection

You might be thinking that attention and affection are the same thing, however, attention is showing her that you are listening to her, and affection is showing her that you care about her. When you combine attention with affection, she will be blown away and know that you truly cherish her.

3.) Spontaneity

Many men cringe when they hear this word because they worry that women expect then to spend thousands of dollars on last minute trips to Italy and Paris. However, you can be spontaneous on any budget. Relationships start to fail when you lose that spark of excitement and mystery, so even if it is something as simple as waking up at 3 am to watch a meteor shower on a blanket in the middle of a country field, strive to keep things fresh and exciting, your girlfriend is going to love that.

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4.) Masculinity

While it is true that your real girlfriend wants you to be sensitive to her needs, what she really wants is for you to flex your muscles and maintain your masculine edge. She wants to feel safe and protected by you, so be the man that you are, and she won't be able to resist your manly ways.

5.) Defense

Every woman wants to know that her man will stick up for her if things get dicey. This doesn't mean you should go around picking fights and get thrown in jail on her behalf, but she wants to know that you will have her back if necessary.

6.) Consistency

There are few things women hate more than a man who isn’t consistent. You can’t be nice to her one day and treat her badly the next day. Just be consistent and she will crave your presence.

7.) Humor

We all have our inner comic, so instead of trying to stifle your personality, be funny! Of course you don’t want to go overboard, but women love a man who can make her laugh.

8.) Support

Does your girlfriend change her mind all of the time? One day is she planning how she is going to kick off her new blog, and the next day is she talking about going to beauty school? While she may be asking for your input, she mostly wants you to say that you support her choices.

9.) Respect

As much as women want support, they also want respect. So when you feel tempted to disrespect your girlfriend, keep in mind that she will eventually go where she feels respected.

10.) You

Let's face it, if she's with you, then she wants you. Don’t second guess your feelings. If you love her, tell her. If you want to marry her, propose. Life is too short to constantly wonder, “what if?”


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Free Video Reveals How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

What is it that women really want from their man? Is that not one of the most challenging questions for you as a man who want to keep pleasing your girlfriend? Well worry no more, discover unique tips to help you understand your woman. Go here for more on how to make your girlfriend happy!

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