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 Tips on How to Get a Girl Friend Easily
Or Your Ex Girlfriend Back

You know it hurts. You know for sure that you need a girl friend, someone to love and to be loved. But, there you are...still single, still lonely. I know..

You still wonder, when, how long, what if…are you ever going to have a beautiful, single and romantic girlfriend to spend the rest of your life with?

Some days you may be feeling like, your dating luck has run out and you'll be forced to a life of bachelorhood for the rest of your life? How sad. Before you get desperate, well, you are not alone because a lot of men wonder if they will ever be able to get past their first date jitters and form a lasting relationship with the woman of their dreams. I’m telling you, if you use the right strategy, you are going to be able to get yourself the most beautiful woman you’ve always dreamed of. It’s been done, you can do it. No more need to be lonely. Enough of that!

Read on to "discover how to get a girfriend or your ex girlfriend back" despite all the trouble you’ve been going through of late! You will be so glad, full of fun and life once you start to see beautiful ladies noticing you by following the dating tips on this page. But first things first, grab something to drink, be comfortable and here we go

The best way to understand the DNA of romantic relationships so that you too would be able to date your ideal woman, really is to, understand the opposite sex. Although it may seem pointless, when you truly understand certain aspects of a woman's mind, your subconscious mind will think of dating in a more positive light, and as a result, your loving relationship will be more likely to happen.

Although there are so many factors to take into consideration because dating can be as simple as you want or as complex as you may choose to make it, for simplistic sake, let us look at three key concepts that you must understand in order to get hold of your dream girl.

1.) Overcoming first date anxiety

It’s a common misconception that women are the only ones who experience anxiety on the first date. Many times women feel that men should be the ones who are calm and collected, but that just isn't the case. As a man, you get to experience more first date pressure than women because of the very simple reason that you are taking the lead in the date, the pressure falls on you because if the date doesn't go well, you will likely be second guessing yourself for weeks to come, asking yourself if you could have done something differently to make the date go better. If you are still searching for your dream girl friend, then the next time you are on a first date, keeps the following two aspects in mind.

  • Mutual nerves

Guess what? Your date and probably future girl friend is just as nervous as you are. The first date is the date that allows you to get to know one another and see if the date can develop into a relationship. If it’s obvious that both of you are a nervous wreck, consider mentioning the anxiety in an attempt to break the ice. Just make sure you don’t point the finger at your date. Why? Because depending on her sense of humor she might take it the wrong way. Blame the nervousness on yourself or include both of you in the joke. This will likely show her that you are willing to open up and be honest, and women are attracted to that in a man.

  • Conversation starter

One of the most common side effects of anxiety on a first date is the dreaded lag in conversation. You know, you know...

You know that moment where you can't collect your thoughts, and you and your date awkwardly look up at the ceiling and compliment the architecture or down at your dinner plates and push your food around, or worse still it's one of those dreaded moments when you start to say something and then halfway change you mind about saying it, then you quickly say, never mind!

You date may interpret this as disinterest, but many times, that's not the case at all. Why lose your potential girlfriend because of unintended intentions? A great way to prevent this type of first date faux pas is to rehearse certain topics that you can use on your date. Brush up on your current events, find some other topics that you feel comfortable with and set yourself up for dating success.

2.) Avoid the following dating mistakes

  • Fear of flying

We've all been hurt when it comes to love, if you have been in a relationship before then most likely you must have offended your girl friend or ex girlfriend for that matter, right? It’s for that reason that it is up to you to decide to overcome the fear of being hurt again and move toward the future.

Let's say that, two years ago, you burned your hand on the stove. Would you stop cooking and possibly starve just because you might burn your hand again? No, you would take the proper precautions the next time, but you wouldn't let it prevent you from cooking. Well, like food, love is a necessity. This doesn't mean you have to put your heart on the line for every girlfriend you date, but if you never open yourself up to the possibility of love, then you can rest assured that love will stay far, far away from you.

  • Limiting your options

Do you only date one type of woman? How's that working out for you? Chances are, since you're reading this article, you probably have not found "the one" yet. If you feel that your options of finding your ideal girl friend are running out, broaden your horizons and date women that you usually wouldn't date. It is important to remember that no one is perfect, so try to cut women some slack. Love comes in many different packages, so try to avoid limiting the idea of who you can love to just one type of woman.

  • Give her space

When you are interested in someone, do you inundate her with texts and phone calls? If so, you may be pushing her further and further away. This is not to say that you should ignore her and never call and text her, but give her time to miss you. When you aren't smothering her with your presence, you are allowing the bond between the two of you to grow stronger. If you usually spend all of your time making the woman you are dating wish she'd never given you her number in the first place, consider backing off and trying something new and different. It’s the only sure way to win her over and make her wish that she’d become your one and only sweetheart girl friend.

3.) How to make your girl friend stay and fall for you

  • Be genuine

No matter what women say, they love men who are genuine and real. Instead of trying to adopt some sort of James Bond alter ego, just stay true to who you are. It is difficult to keep up a false facade, the moment your girl friend discovers the real you, she will be upset that you were not honest and upfront with her. No one is perfect, so if a woman is going to truly reject and criticize you for who you are, then you honestly don't need to be with her anyway.

  • Be a gentleman. Your girl friend deserves it

In a world that is full of people who are rushing around trying to survive the rat race, women crave a man who will make her feel like a woman and tell her she is beautiful. You don’t have to overdo the flattery, but do not treat her like one of the guys. If you treat a woman like a woman, even if she doesn’t initially have feelings for you, the way you treat her will make her want to spend time with you. And since it takes time for love to develop, time is on your side

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