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Sometimes, most of us tend to overlook the importance of genealogy and family history, but if I may ask you:

  1. Have you ever met someone who happened to share the same surname as yours?
  2. Did it occur to you that there could be a slight chance that, the person could be your relative?

An Adoption Story By Samantha

I was adopted as an infant, and I loved my guardian mother and father deeply because they took me in. We are a small family as my guardian mother has two younger sisters, my aunts Lola and Mary who had no children. I love them to death, but Mary by far is my favorite. She always buys me amazing gifts.

When I graduated from high school everyone offered me a birthday gift, but none was better than Aunt Mary’s. Mary’s eyes are always sad, yet friendly and compassionate, and that made me wonder why?

I grew up as an only child with many friends, but I always wished that I could have a brother or a sister. I often fantasized about another sibling who would come to my rescue when I got in social cahoots, or at odds with my parents.

The revelation occurred when I stumbled upon a picture in my Mother’s drawer while searching for her medication. It was a picture frame with a photograph of a curly haired bright eyed infant. I remember taking the picture to my Mother and asking her who the beautiful male child was. She instantly broke out in tears, and confessed the story of my older brother’s existence. Now I knew that he was REAL.

I knew that he was also adopted, but I had no idea how to find him. My mother recounted the story about my older brother David, who my biological mother birthed when she was just a teenager. After keeping David for a month, both of my parent’s families decided to put the child up for adoption to avoid scandal. A few months later, they got pregnant with me, and also placed me under adoption.

I do not regret being adopted as my parents have given me an amazing life and security. Aunt Mary wandered into the room when she heard my Mother sobbing. “What’s wrong?” she said. I saw her eyes darken as she glossed over the photo. My Mother and Aunt Mary stared at one another and sighed.

Aunt Mary reached over and held my face in her soft hands. “I must tell you. This is difficult for me to say, but I am your real mother.” I felt my world collapsing and reforming around me as I realized my real mother had been there all along.

For the next few hours, they told me everything. My brother David was adopted by a family friend in town, and he found out the truth a week before I did. The next day we all arranged to meet for the first time.

When the car pulled up in front of our house, I could not stop crying as I ran over to the car before it stopped. David leaped out of the car. He looked so strong and beautiful, just like me. “Brother,” I gasped, as I tried to steady my composure. “He smiled as a tear slipped out of his eye and embraced me. Our circle was complete.

 The Importance of Family History and Genealogy in Culture

Genealogy as you may already know, it is the process of researching your family history. It's through geneology study that we all come to the understanding that we were not the first people on this earth. We live in the 21st century and plenty of people have been on this earth before us. As time goes by, new people populate the world and traditions and various aspects of culture have been passed from generation to generation.

  • So then the question is, "why is genealogy and family history important when you want to trace your family?"

As you may very well know, sometimes we want to know why we have a particular trait or where our physical features come from. Genealogy can help you to find the right answers to some of these questions. It is for that reason that searching your family tree can help provide meaning to your own present existence.

If you do a lot of reading, you will get conflicting information about human beings origins and evolution. Different schools of thinking ascribe to different believes. And it’s ok. There are scientific and biblical viewpoints about how all of this happened. According to Charles Darwin, humans came from apes. But the Bible says that humans came from Adam and Eve.

The most important fact about conducting genealogical searches is that it involves doing a lot of detailed research.

You must perform plenty of reading tasks in order to find out what you want to know and have a source for your origin.

Of course for some people, that might be too much and therefore they would say that you would be wasting your time.

However, it can be quite enjoyable.

The things that you find are a part of a wonderful mystery. You might find that one of your ancestors was a hero, or your old buddy with the same surname might end up being a long lost cousin. And I tell you, don't be suprised if you discover that your great great grandfather or grandmother was a step brother or sister to President Lincoln. This is all very possible

Family history and genealogy in reference to culture is also very important because this is where we generally get most present traditions. For example, using herbs to treat sickness is a tradition that has been passed along through the generations. In the past, our ancestors only had leaves, berries and herbs to take care of infections because antibiotics were not available back then.

Many cultures such as the Chinese still use this form of medicine. If you research how medicine originated, you will be surprised to see that a majority of it found it origins in herbs and plants with a few modifications.

A keen look at previous cultures also provided the basis for the political system that we have set up today. In fact, that is the very same way that we come up with new laws. If you care to research previous laws don't be suprised to discover that new laws are basically old ones with a little bit of a new twist.

In conclusion, family history and genealogy is extremely important. Tracing your family's history might not be very simple task to do (I will be sharing my tips below on how to turn genealogy and family search in to a fun activity,) but it is very rewarding in the end because you will acquaint yourself with your ancestors and origin.

 free family genealogy search tips and secrets

Genealogy and Family History Research

Family Search and Genealogy - Story by Jessica

My adoption story goes back 30 years ago where it all started in California. A pregnant mother was giving birth to her fourth child, a girl. Nadia already had three girls and couldn’t afford them, now she was having another. After the birth she had decided what to do. She put her two youngest girls, Jessica and Abigail up for adoption.

Jessica and Abigail were adopted together by a family that lived in Virginia, clear across the country.

Nadia knew she would probably never see her girl again but knew that she had to do this. Growing up Jessica always felt like she didn’t fit in her family. She had private conversations with her sister, Abigail, wondering if she had been adopted.

One day when she was 12 she mustered up the courage to ask her mother if she was adopted. Her mother told her that she was not adopted and kindly requested her to stop worrying over it and not to bring it up again. She would talk about it still with her sister but never asked her mother again.

Her sister told her to let it go because if their mother told her that she wasn’t adopted then she wasn’t adopted. Jessica just couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t her family. Jessica was listening to the radio on her way to school about 10 years later. On the radio was a paid advertisement. It was a woman looking for her sister and brother who had been adopted in California many years prior.

She was looking for a woman by the name Jessica and she had been taken to Virginia shortly after her adoption. The woman said that she had a number to call if anyone recognized the story. When Jessica got home that evening she called the number, without telling her mother.

On the other end the woman, Sara, confirmed most of the details of Jessica’s life. She said that their mother Nadia had to give up the two girls because she could not afford to give them proper care and a proper life. With all of this new information Jessica felt confident enough to confront her mother. She sat her family down, her mother, her father, her sister and told them what she had found out.

With this new found information her mother finally admitted that not only was Jessica adopted but Abigail was as well. Jessica wanted to meet her birth mother and other siblings but wanted her mother’s approval. She granted Jessica’s wish to meet with her birth mother.

Jessica flew to California to meet her family that she never knew she had. She found out that her father was originally from Asia and that is why she looked so different from her family growing up. To this day they stay in touch and now Jessica has met all of her siblings and has a good relationship with all her seven sisters.

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Is Genealogy and Family History Important to Society and Culture

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