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Did you know that right now you can use any of the "paid or free family and friend search tools" to locate your loved one, friend or family member?

Well, if you are lost - here is a quick snapshot to keep you updated about what you are about to discover today.

Research shows that an estimated 50 million Americans from various backgrounds actively research for their family history. They are of different races, ages and economic strata, work in many different professions, practice several different religions and lead different lifestyles.

What is more interesting is that for some people do genealogy research as a hobby and spend a few hours a month investigating their roots, but for others itÂ’s an obsession, they spend countless hours and resources to dig up their history using both paid and free family and friend search tools in order to know the truth about themselves . Both types of people share the bond of seeking information about their ancestry.

Figuring out who everyone is can be one of the most common questions people have when relatives come together. Everyone within that circle identifies with and connects with everyone else in that circle in some way. A family tree can help you figure out what your family connections are to other people.

To show your relationship to other relatives, there are some important things you should including your family tree such as the names of family tree members, dates of birth or other relevant information such as jobs health, physical address, etc.

  • How to get started with a free family and friend search

If you are looking forward to get started with utilizing the services of either a paid or free family and friends search service, you will first need to distinguish the relationship through:

  1. Marriage
  2. Progenitor
  3. Extra-marital Unions

If you're constructing a family tree and you're just worried about including your own family, this task shouldn't be that difficult. However, if you'll also need to figure out who your ancestors are, it's going to take a little bit more time so that you get to know those who come for you.

First, you need to understand your family structure so that you'll establish what your roots are, ultimately developing a complete family tree. A family tree begins with two mates. However, genealogy studies state that complications can occur within a family structure for two reasons.

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The first reason for the complication is if a man marries more than once. This can make identifying the family tree more difficult, because you have more than one lineage to trace.

Extended family can also make family structure more complex.

Extended family can be helpful when it comes to genealogy. If your family is close knit, you'll have better chances of completing your family tree.

Once you know what type of family structure you have, the time has come to begin to fill in your family tree, which will require significant research. You can start with the basics, with your own family. Family members who are older than you can start to give you information that is relevant about other relatives. They can also tell you where to go, sometimes, as you continue to research.

Take notes or document whenever you talk with relatives. You can use tape recorders, journals, video cameras, or cameras. Enter this information into your family tree, or fill it out with a genealogical form. You don't have to actually make your own family tree structure, since you can use any of several commercial forms or family tree charts available.

As you continue your family tree research, you'll probably come up with a lot of different surnames. It's best to choose one surname at a time, and to trace the lineage with that surname. By focusing on just one surname at a time, it's likely that your task will be both easier and faster. After you've done everything you can with one surname, move on to the next.

Although integrating family members is a good idea, this may not give you sufficient information all the time. You can also track relatives from other sources, such as family history centers in your own location, the Internet, documents you find, such as death, birth, or marriage certificates, and places like a courthouse, cemetery, or church.

Paid or Free Family and Friends Search!
The better option

For some people conducting a free family or friends search is time consuming, that is why some people prefer to utilize the services of professionals or making use of other tools out there. Recently, the genealogy resources available on the Internet and elsewhere have exploded in number.

Pearl Street Software's Family Tree Legends 5.0 is one of the more notable of these genealogy resources. This powerful, well-developed genealogy program is designed to make it easy for you to collect, organize and display information regarding your ancestry.

This amazing software will capture your notes, pictures, medical information and multimedia files in one simple to use application, but the new version of this helpful program will also:

  • Let you share DVDs or CDs containing your information with friends and family
  • You'll even be able to share your information with others by sending them a free version of the software;
  • Allow you to synch GEDCOM files to your handheld device;
  • Give you a Correspondence Tracker which allows you to track your correspondence with other genealogists in a convenient linking manager; and
  • Compare the names in your files to the names in a GenCircle Pedigree database, by using its Smart-Matching Technology. Some reviewers report achieving 100% accuracy with this feature.

Family Tree Legend 5.0 has been awarded Family Tree Magazine's Five Star Rating. It comes with free email-based technical support, but if you're still undecided, the software is also accompanied by a full 30-day money-back guarantee backed by Pearl Street Software.

On top of all that, Pearl Street Software currently is offering buyers the opportunity to purchase the standard version of Family Tree Legend 5.0 for only $29.95. The premium version, which has all the bells and whistles, costs about $79.95. Either price sounds like a bargain (compared to other paid or free family and friend search tools) for a well-designed, easy to use program which lets you store all your files and pictures in a single location

Figuring out your family tree is important to you. It makes you feels good to know where you come from and establish your own identity. Read more about family and friends here.

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