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 5 Surefire Tips for Coexisting With Family and Friends
By Nurturing the Gift of Relationships

Forming Effective Relationships:
Do social status of your
Family and friends matter?

Forming lasting and effective family and friends relationships is necessary for many reasons. Society by meaning is a network of relationships that needs all involved to contribute and work to do their part to attain the same goal.

When the relationship between other people, work mates or friends and family is good, cooperation becomes easy and the respect for each other built up. Such relationships make our society work more effectively. When all members in society put their efforts forth as a whole unit, itÂ’s common that most goals can be achieved. That is only done through efficient and effective e relationships though.

  • Feelings and Understanding

Knowing the other person's position and feeling and understanding is the key ingredient that forms an efficient and effective relationship. The easiest way of understanding what would be important to another person is simply to ask him what his needs are and listen to his answer. Asking questions and listening allows people to feel you consider then also as important.

Efficient and effective relationships need all parties to be honest about their positions and feelings about anything that pertains to the relationship. So do not presume the other person or party comprehends your need or will give you what you require without you asking.

  • Respect is the secret for any relationship

For the relationship to be more effective both parties need to respect each other. You just need to listen to another party to make them feel respected and also trying to understand in what way they operate. Another sign of respect is to let the other parties know they are doing the right things.

For example disrespect may be the act of quickly making judgments using inaccurate facts or based on prejudice.

The foundation for any relationship is respect. This means not only respecting other, coworker or family and friends but respecting yourself too.

  • Honestly deal with differences

Another secret to creating a relationship that is effective is to deal with any difference you and the other party have directly. It is interesting what differences can come up between family and friends, people or parties. As an example, a conversation happens where one party is listening to another one, you might see that both have two differing ideas.

  • Move towards a solution that will benefit both of the parties

It is easy to do this as long as at least one of the parties knows the relationship between the two has importance. That one party then puts forth the energy, effort and time to know what the other party wants or needs along with figuring a way to accommodate them.

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Listening effectively and not jumping to conclusions is important here. It is crucial that family members and friends understanding each other. Discussions done informally between friends can benefit the parties. These can uncover concerns and issues in a non-threatening manner. The parties think more clearly too because they are more relaxed.

It is important to create an atmosphere in which each of the parties can state their opinions or concerns as the need to. If involved parties such as coworkers, family and friends do not express what they are thinking or feeling, then developing a relationship that is effective can be difficult.

Society at large needs to know that there are naturally-occurring things which exist but have to be managed when any relationship is involved. One of these things is human nature. Some things which can affect relationships are mistrust, stereotyping, blaming your neighbors, family and friends or other for the uncomfortable relationship, not respecting the other party's feelings as a task is being worked on, the objectives not being defined enough, expectations and roles of both parties involved in the relations is unclear and many more other reasons.

  • It is true that no one stands alone in this world

Just one example of this is in an organization or group, how happy the people are is dependent upon how efficiently the organization or group works.

The organization or group success also depends on how well the members cooperate with management.

An organization or group that is ineffective can even be chaotic. An organization or group will require a lot from their members at times, so much so that the members have very little life outside the group or organization, or they have to make certain sacrifices in their lives to get their work in on time.

For the group or organization in this type of scenario the relationships are strained and sometimes can even breakdown all together. Anyone that depends on these organizations or groups can pay the price too. A relationship though can be secure and long lasting in spite of the problems.

Relationships are of importance to everyone, dealing with problems and issues immediately must be done in order to deepen the relationship that exists between neighbors, coworkers or family and friends.

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