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 5 of my best family reunion vacation ideas

 5 family reunion vacation ideas

Family Reunion Vacation Ideas

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Family reunion vacation ideas here

Don't you think that every family deserves to escape from the rigors of daily life and spend some quality time together!

A family vacation might be something you look forward to doing every year, or it could be something you can only afford to every two or three years.

The following family vacation ideas you will find below, will help you select the vacation that fits your family.

1.) The Nature Vacation

Vacations that get your family outdoors to become one with nature are often far more affordable than those that are based on indoor destinations. There are state parks and nature preserves all over the country, so you can decide to stay close to home or venture far away. You can stick to a road trip with one or more destinations and day trips or hop on an airplane and visit one of the more popular parks like the Grand Canyon.

A nature family vacation can be as simple as picking a campground and throwing up tents around a fire. It can be as complicated as renting an RV and booking extended stays in different campsites across the state or even the country.

Get out in the woods and hike. Walk along family-friendly trails. Take pictures in the trees or up in the mountains. Watch the leaves change colors in the fall. Swim and fish in a lake. Just get outdoors and enjoy the natural world.

2.) The Thrill Vacation

Does your family have a thirst for adventure? If so, the thrill vacation is the perfect idea for you. This may include large amusement parks with thrilling rides or it could include extreme sports like skiing and whitewater rafting. Even something more elaborate like visiting an African safari could get the blood pumping for a family vacation you never forget.

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Family Reunion Vacation Ideas

3.) The Luxury Vacation

If you want to pamper your family and allow them to wine and dine in the most comfortable settings possible, consider booking a luxurious vacation at a spa or elaborate resort. There are spas and resorts all over the country that will give you direct access to private beaches, relaxing massages, and fine dining.

Luxury vacations are all about picking one spot and staying put so you can be waited on hand and foot. You will all return home completely relaxed and looking years younger.

4.) The Overseas Vacation

You will need a more forgiving budget to take the entire family to another country, but it is a great idea if you want to create memories no one will ever forget. If your children are learning Spanish in school, whisk them away to a Spanish-speaking country to try out their skill. If you love Italian food, head off to Italy.

5.) The Sports Vacation

If you have die-hard sports fans in the family, consider getting tickets to a big game and turning it into a family vacation. The big game will be the highlight of the trip, but you can also schedule time to play the sport yourself and visit other attractions in the state or city hosting the game.

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Make sure to plan lots of sports memorabilia into the budget!

Any of these family reunion vacation ideas can be blended or expanded upon to come up with the ideal trip for your family. Think about the personalities and preferences of every family member and find something that offers a little something special to everyone.

Family Reunion Vacation

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