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Hi my name is Sandra and this is my story,

7 years into our relationship, I had a rude awakening. I got dumped!

At first, I thought it was a joke. But when it hit, my life suddenly became a living nightmare. You see William was everything to me.

I loved him more than anything else. He was the world to me. My one and only one. Seven years and then this...I was in a shock!

I couldn't belief it. It was like a bad dream, a nightmare that I wanted to wake up from but could not. It hurt, it really hurt so badly. I lost interest in virtually everything. All I did was cry and sleep. When I wasn't crying, I slept and If I wasn't sleeping then all I did was cry...It was awful. (Continue reading my story here)

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Imagine what would happen if you had the power to be able to erase all the negative thoughts your ex has about you and to create the relationship you've always wanted with him all along. . .Well, now you can!

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