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 Want to Date Kenyan Girls?
3 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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If you want to date Kenyan girls, chance are while searching for your soul mate on one of those internet dating site, two things may happen;

You can do many things right and win her over or you may do a lot of things wrong and drive her away as well.

Today on this page, we are going to look at three mistakes you will want to avoid so as to guarantee you success and a good relationship that we all want to have.

In the fairytale world some kenyan men think that the ingredients for success when it comes to online dating as well as offline include telling little white lies, demanding perfection and being aggressive. However, ad you may very well know that nowhere near being the truth.

  • Aggressively Confident

Being aggressive and confident is one thing, being overly confident and too aggressive is another totally different thing all together. Many women see the latter of these two as coming off like a big dumb jerk. When you push too hard, you may be overly aggressive or even scary. Remember, wanting to date Kenyan girls is not some business deal that you need to close. Patience is essential for keeping relationships moving at a slow, steady speed.

  • Becoming a perfectionist

No one is perfect. We all have our own flaws and remember that also includes you. When you expect a woman to be perfect and then demand it, you will only wind up empty handed and terribly disappointed. Expecting and demanding perfection in your work is one thing.

Expecting and demanding perfection in anyone including yourself, your friends or associates, even your family and especially the lady you want to spend time with, will never work. This is because, it just does not happen that way, not for the best. Everyone has flaws, deal with them. Choose and know the kind of flaws you can live with and those one you cannot.

  • No, no to lies

Make a note of this, if it will help and it should.

Little white lies and playing make believe do not work whether you are building an online relationship or working on a relationship with the girl next door and the same rule applies to if you want to date Kenyan girls. Tell the truth while letting your personality show when writing your profile.

Do not lie or pretend, the truth always wins out in the end. If you are a carpenter and you want to impress your lady, do not lie about your career or earnings. Whether a lawyer or a carpenter, what really matters to women is that you enjoy what you are doing and you are self-sufficient.

If you want to date beautiful Kenyan girls, build a close relationship and be successful at it, there are 3 things you must remember; not to be overly aggressive, be a perfectionist and do not lie.

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