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 3 Conspicuous Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

Uncover the three remarkable Signs of a cheating girlfriend

If you have discovered that you are dealing with a deceitful, cheating girlfriend then chances are that you stand to be hurt. If you do not take the necessary precautions to guard yourself, my friend - you'll get hurt!

As we all very well know, if a relationship is to survive, it must be built upon honesty, respect, and trust. Keeping secrets from your partner is not a good idea and usually comes back to haunt someone real bad, eventually.

My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me...

Jill and Scott's relationship was on the rocks. Jill was cheating on Scott and Scott was beginning to realize that something about their relationship had shifted. The source of the problem could probably be attributed to Scott's new job and the receptionist, who was in her late 20s and obviously not hired for her brains.

At the annual company picnic, which Scott was attending for the first time, Jill met the receptionist, Jennifer. It was clear that Jennifer was a little too flirty with the men, especially Scott. How could Jill even compete with that? She was in her late 30s and a 7 on a good day. This girl was 10 years her junior and would make any man stop and stare.

Did she really have to laugh that long at Scott's joke while touching his shoulder? Scott didn't seem to mind thought, and certainly did not brush her hand off. And to make things worse, Jill had never once heard of Jennifer before the picnic.

In her mind, Scott was hiding Jennifer from him. He had been spending long nights at the office and there was that convertible leaving their house that one morning. Jill convinced herself that Scott was sleeping with the receptionist.

Jill also began to “work late” at her office, having recently started frequenting the bar down the street. A week after the picnic she met John, who seemed friendly enough and was certainly giving her all the right signs. Three days later she found herself lying next to John in a cheap motel room. It wasn't her fault though. If Scott wasn't sleeping with his receptionist, which Jill could obviously see, then she would never have found herself in this situation.

The trips to the motel and John's house became a bi-weekly occurrence and Scott began to notice changes in his long-time girlfriend's behavior that were never there before. She had grown cold and distant. Something was wrong.

Scott had just received another phone call from Jill informing him that she would be home late. Enough was enough. Scott couldn't handle the path his relationship had taken. He bought some wine and flowers and took off for Jill's office. When he showed up, much to his chagrin, the office was dark and empty. Jill had lied to him and he instantly knew she was with someone.

The flowers would make a good decoration in the trashcan. The wine wouldn't go to waste. When Jill walked through the door at 9 at night, Scott was sufficiently drunk. When confronted, Jill broke down crying. She accused Scott of cheating and admitted to her own infidelity as a result. Too bad Scott had been faithful the whole time. He packed up his bags and informed Jill that he would be back in the morning to get his things.


Some people are just compulsive liars though and can't seem to help keeping their secrets and telling lies. There are many reasons though why someone would deliberately and compulsively lie. Low-self esteem could be one of the reasons. For instance if your partner lies, it could stem from having low self confidence.

Did you know that...?
If you don't fully love yourself,
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For example, a woman that has survived an abusive childhood or comes from a broken home may be ashamed of her family and of herself.

By the time she reaches adulthood, she is in a fragile state and so the littlest things can wound her ego. Because of that, she lies and makes up tall tales about how wonderful her family is and how great life was when she was growing up.

She notices that people seem to like her story book life and she thinks people might not like her better than they would if they knew the truth about her. As a result, the lies keep on coming. Eventually it becomes an habit until she matures and comes to grips with her past.

People with this problem believe they can never be good enough and they think everyone else is better than them. You can imagine what will happen when the girl from the example begins to have romantic relationships. She will continue to lie and make up tales because she thinks it is the only way to keep a man interested.

Unfortunately such a cheating girlfriend will end up creating havoc on a poor guys heart that happens to cross her path. Therefore it will be impossible for her to have a stable relationship because the truth always comes out eventually. And as we all know most men do not get to stay around a cheating girlfriend long enough.

how to forgive a cheating girlfriend

Compulsive Dishonest Girl FriendWe all lie; sometimes intentionally and at times it just happens, unintentionally. It's not easy to deal with a cheating girlfriend unless they are on their own accord willing to deal with that cheating problem.

Studies have shown that woman typically cheat because they are insecure and have low self esteem. Such woman need to be built up not put down. They need more reassurance than the average woman and might require some cuddling.

Many at times when a woman cheats, it has nothing at all to do with sex. There is something else missing that they are looking for. Cheating happens when a woman is in a bad relationship and desperate to get out. If this is not the case then it maybe that the woman is searching for something she is missing within herself and may have nothing to do with the state of the relationship at all.

Can you forgive a cheating girlfriend? Share your thoughts here

If you happen to be dealing with a cheating girlfriend and she is someone you truly love, then you should be willing and happy to create valuable time in order to work out things so as to make them feel good. On the other hand if this is a short term relationship maybe the work required is not worth it. This can only be decided by the people in the relationship, everyone is different.

Also, if your girlfriend is cheating on you and at the same time happens to be a compulsive liar, then there is that you ought to consider. She is lying for a reason, probably to protect herself from something. She needs to be made to feel safe when telling the truth, sometimes the truth is not told for fear of being punished.

A lot of time people like this do not like confrontation so they tell little lies to avoid conflicts and confrontations. Unfortunately, little lies turn into bigger lies and the situation can grow out of control. Getting professional help with this can greatly help trust issues.

Submitted by Valerie Idaho

Do you have a great story or tip about a cheating girlfriend or how to catch a cheating spouse? How about you share your story about a cheating girlfriend or tip on how to catch cheating spouse by clicking here

Its one thing to "deal with a cheating girlfriend" it’s another totally different thing to deal with a compulsive dishonest girlfriend. You may have a hard time forgiving her once her lies start to unravel. It is sad, but compulsive liars wind up hurting the people they care about the most.

There is one thing you should be prepared for if you are in a relationship with a compulsive dishonest girlfriend. Run. End that relationshio as quick as you can. There is a big chance you are going to get hurt.

In most cases a cheating girlfriend is unable to control herself and stop the lies, even to people they love. She will probably not be able to change without professional help. If she won't seek help, then you must think of way to get help for your girl friend.

As hard as it may be, if your girlfriend is cheating and completely refuses to get help then you may have to part ways. If you don't, you will only be in for a lot of heartache. And chances are, you will be the loser!

Cheating Girlfriend Stories - Life can be Distressing

Submitted by Heidi, Georgia

I Know it can be hard when you come to the realization that your girlfriend may be cheating on you. I know this is coming from a girl, so I'm going to give it to you from the female point of view. lol.

Honestly guys, If your girl is unhappy there is a very good chance one of two thing is going to happen. Either she is just going to leave, or she's going to cheat on you. If you're not showing her the attention that she is craving, as much or as little as that may be, then she will find that in the arms of another man.

Not all women are going to be upfront with their actions either, unfortunately. So, when you go to confront your cheating girlfriend about it, try to be slick. Don't go upfront and blurt the accusation out at her. That is likely going to cause you both alot of stress.

But honestly guys, if this does happen to you I feel really sorry for you. I have unfortunately cheated before. But the guy was the raw deal, honestly. He treated me bad, and was just gross. He just didn't take care of himself despite what any of us said to him. For those of you that don't deserve it, then I'm sorry. I guess no one ever really deserves to be cheated on.

There's always the option of talking things out with your partner. If the person you are with means anything to you at all, and if you have feelings yourself as a person, then talk to your partner. If they in turn care about you, then they are going to listen to your feelings.

Three Obvious signs of a cheating girlfriend

1.) Someone who is afraid to face the truth

A compulsive liar is always in denial of the truth and feels it is natural to lie. She is afraid to face the truth. She prefers to believe her own lies and may even be able to nearly convince herself they are true because she wants it so much. This trait is usually developed in early childhood and lasts a lifetime.

With proper psychological treatment and loving support from you and other family and friends, your cheating girlfriend can be cured of compulsive lying and the two of you can get on with building your relationship and your future together.

2.) Someone who believes lying make them better than others

A compulsive liar often feels inferior to other people so she tells lies to make herself feel superior. She gets confident and thinks no one will ever see through her lies. This sets up a vicious cycle and reinforces the idea that telling lies is a good thing for her to do not even after your girlfriend is caught cheating.

3.) Someone who lies for any purpose

A compulsive liar will lie about anything for any reason even when it is not beneficial to do so. Telling lies is a habit that becomes ingrained and totally natural so it becomes impossible for her to tell the truth about anything.

The cure for compulsive lying is not an easy road and will vary depending upon the person. Of course, everyone is worthy of trying to cure but the key is that she must want to be helped. It isn't something that can be forced on her. For it to be effective your girl friend must want to change and stop the destructive habit of compulsive lying.

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