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 Glaring Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

There is nothing as bad as coming to the knowledge that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Someone you’ve given your life to and then this…

That hurts! Actually that hurts real bad. And if you are madly in love with that guy, then it hurts so bad, really, that hurts, it does...

How could he?

Girl, if you not only suspect but have already seen the "clear signs of a cheating boyfriend" I tell you, you must make a decision and fast! Make that decision now, quickly before you get yourself or somebody hurt or land yourself in deep trouble. Seriously, you don’t want that, or do you. I know you are way better than that, right?

My Boyfriend is Cheating on Me

Randy and Tina were out on a double date at a restaurant with their best friends, Paul and Janie. This was something that they had done quite often, as neither couple had kids. They enjoyed going out to dinner, seeing movies, the normal date stuff.

As of late, Randy has seemed a bit more distant during the outings and very quiet. Paul was concerned for Randy, so when the ladies were in the bathroom, he came out and asked Randy what was wrong.

Randy told Paul that he had been cheating on Tina for the last 2 years with his secretary and that his secretary was threatening to tell his wife if they couldn't run away together. Paul didn't know what to say, but he was very concerned for his friends, and he didn't know what to do.

When their girlfriends came back from the bathroom, they could tell that something was wrong. Randy and Paul both looked like very nervous. Tina asked what was wrong. They wouldn't respond. She asked again. This time Paul had to come clean. He told Tina about the secretary and everything Randy had just told him. Randy gave Paul a look that could cut steel and got up and left the restaurant.

Paul and Janie just sat at the table in stunned silence as Tina ran out the door to talk with her husband. Randy was nowhere to be found. He had vanished. She tried calling his cell phone and texting him, but no response. She walked back into the restaurant to talk to Paul and she got all of the details.

Tina was a mess. She had never felt so betrayed in her life. All she wanted was a perfect marriage and a perfect family and a perfect life. The three sat there for a few minutes, and then got up and left. Tina was dropped off at her apartment. She was distraught, but really needed to talk to Randy. She said goodbye to Paul and Janie and took the long climb up the stairs to her 3rd floor loft.

Tina knew that Randy was gone. And the pain was just beginning. She wasn’t thinking and didn’t want to. All she knew was that she didn’t want to be alone. But unfortunately, alone, she was...


It's true that every relationship occasionally suffers ups and downs, but Knowing what signs to look for can help you avoid hurtful words based on suspicion only, which can ultimately doom a relationship. There are a few things, situations and words accusations you want to stay aware from when you are in the process of making sure that your partner is trustworthy without necessarily putting your relations on the line.

One of the biggest ways to gauge your man's faithfulness is to consider his integrity in other areas of life. Is he loyal to his employer, friends and family? If he has a history of being dependable, then chances are you have picked a good guy. Integrity in other areas doesn't guarantee faithfulness in a relationship, but it does give a good general indicator and is one of the sure signs that can help you discover when your boyfriend is cheating.

For instance it's common knowledge that men are not faithful and truthful when it comes to online dating.

I know for sure that most guys like to use wrong information that shows on their personal profiles as far as online dating is concerned. I am also a male and I go through various dating sites. I join those type of sites using my personal information but the kind of information I put there is full of lie because I use that information to attract beautiful girls. I tell you that is not only me but most of the men are using this strategy as well.

What exactly constitutes cheating? For some couples, the definition is different. Some people have a very close intimate relationship, and even talking to another woman would constitute cheating, while others have a much broader definition. Does cheating involve meeting someone for a lunch date, or does it not count as cheating until someone has kissed? Perhaps you or your partner do not care unless it is sexual.

No matter what your definition, secrecy is a sure sign something isn't right. Does your boyfriend avoid answering his phone when he is with you, or keep his email private? While there is an expected level of courteous privacy, when he starts walking outside to take phone calls, or hides his phone when texts come in, then there might be a reason to investigate further.

If you think that you are dealing with a cheating boyfriend, it's important to know ahead of time that you both clearly agree on boundaries within the relationship. Men who have a history of cheating, unfortunately, are more apt to cheat in future relationships. While this is not always the case, it is easier for a cheater to cheat again.

How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

It hurt when I realized that I had a cheating boyfriend, not long ago. It was a year or two into our relationship when he started hiding a girls phone number under different names in his cell phone.

I first caught him one day when he received a call like at 3 am and he said it was his friend. (by the way his friend never calls that late) so I checked his phone and come to find out he was talking to a guy from work for like 40 minutes at a time. I was kind of relieved, it was just a guy from his work!

So a couple days later she texted his phone and I answered back acting like I was him. Trying to get as much info as I can, because my boyfriend is the type of guy who, if he ain't caught red handed he will deny it until the day he dies. So what I had to do is make her tell me some sort of information proving that he was talking to her, such as telling me his name or the car he drove.

I couldn't let him get away with it like "oh she got the wrong number" or " she doesn't even know who I am". so that's why I had to have that info. She gave me some but wasn't really specific. Until the next day I looked through his phone and there it was, an out going call to a dating chatline. Had the chatline name with the number and everything.

I guess theirs no hope for some men but if you want to work out things with your cheating boyfriend, then I - say give it a try gal! I did the same thing, and today our relationship is great.

Here are the type of signs to look for: 1.) When phone rings he acts differently. 2.) Phone gets text and you check it only to find out he deleted it. 3.) If you suspect something going on in the computer then make a fake email and email or instant message him. See what happens.

Story submitted by summer (Hawaii)

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Detectable Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

When a man is cheating, he may begin to go out with his "buddies" more often, and the time you spend together decreases. He may stop asking your opinion about what you want to do, leaving you alone with vague explanations more often.

One of the big give away signs that your partner might be seeing someone new is a change in appearance. This can be a new wardrobe, younger haircut, and more focus in general on appearance before going out. This is a frequent occurrence when a man is trying to impress someone new.

What is his attitude towards you been like? Often, a man will push his woman away out of guilt for cheating. A cheating boyfriend is more likely to be critical towards your appearance and behaviors that never mattered before.

You might notice that there have been more arguments cropping up - in fact, this might even be what caused suspicion in the first place.

If things are not quite right, have you wondered what you can do to "catch a cheating boyfriend" in the act?

Well I believe you want practical solutions and not having to humiliate yourself like what you see on some of those "reality TV series about cheating boyfriend stories and how to bust a cheating boy friend". Perhaps you can't afford to hire a private investigator to trail him for weeks at a time. You don't just want to wait until you have proof that he has had indiscretions. If your man is cheating, you want to know, and the sooner the better.

Some of the easiest initial steps you can take are to watch for signs and traits of a cheating boyfriend, and then follow up with friends. Communicate to see if they mention anything suspicious. Sometimes friends will try to soften the blow, and if there is a "couple" friend, they may retreat. This is in an effort to avoid telling you the bad news.

Search through your partner's phone to look for suspicious text or phone numbers. Sometimes, a cheater will hide a girlfriend's phone number under a neutral name. You can research where most of the calls are coming from and find out if it is a woman's number.

The internet is an incredibly easy place to find a love affair - and an easy way to keep it hidden. Follow up on your uspicious cheating boyfriend facebook accounts and see if he has any new "friends". Watch for suspicious messages from people, all while not mentioning it to him.

Fortunately, modern technology has made this easier than ever. There are downloadable programs that allow one to read text messages and monitor call logs. This can all be done without the other person ever knowing.

So, once you have found out your partner is (or isn't) cheating, then it's time for the next step. If he is a cheater, how do you break up, or how do you go about forgiving a cheating boyfriend? If he wasn't cheating, were you just being too jealous? Are there other issues in the relationship that need to be dealt with?

It is imperative that for your own safety and integrity that you seek the truth, and face it in spite of the outcome. There are too many risks involved in allowing yourself to be in a relationship with a compulsive cheating boyfriend that includes and not limited to physical, emotional and financial risks, which many of us don't want to take.

Getting Over a Cheating Boyfriend

Submitted by Connie Holland, Ohio, USA

If you think your boyfriend is cheating, be sure he knows that this is an exclusive relationship. You might have to point that out to him. If you think he is cheating, you can do a little snooping and see what you discover.

On the other hand, you could try asking him outright. Of course, he might lie, but perhaps his response will be enough to give you an answer. If he won't look you in the eye, stammers, and accuses you of cheating, it might be time to take a long hard look at your relationship.

If your boyfriend is cheating, there are no easy answers, and for every couple that are dealing with this issue, there are painful consequences to dealt with.

First, do you think he's the one?

If he cheats as a boyfriend, will he cheat as a spouse? Keep in mind, there's no guarantee that a cheating boyfriend will even propose in the first place. Can you handle such a life of always wondering where he is and whom he's with?

Do you think you might be better off without him? Can you live without him? It is crucial that you can. Make sure you have options. Don't become so dependent on your cheating boyfriend that you are forced to settle with life as is. Make sure you always have a place to stay. Always have your own money that he cannot touch. Don't isolate yourself from your friends and family. Keep them close, so that you have a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to about everyday things.

Be strong and confident enough to know that you don't need this man if he's a cheater, or even if he isn't. Have enough self-respect to hold your head high and not succumb to the whispers of others. Ultimately, make yourself believe that only a fool would cheat on you. Know it in your heart; convey it in your life. Girl, life is short! Let no one or anything keep you from being happy.

You can't depend on a cheater - except to cheat! share your thoughs about a cheating boyfriend here

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