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 How to Make Your Boyfriend Fall Crazy for You

You meet this great guy, who soon becomes "the wonderful prince charming perfect boyfriend" you've been waiting for the rest of your life.

Just like in the movies...

Everything about this man is too good to be true.

You are on top of the world, life is good, friends are jealous, your family is excited. Your work and co-workers for once, are great. Life is never been so good and so sweet! Nothing else matter, but then...reality sets in. And when it does, when that happens, it hits you so bad. And the worst part - it hits where it hurts and matter most.

The "An Unapologetic - To Do List” Boyfriend

"Thanks for meeting me here today", said Terry. "Oh anytime, I like spending time with you. Did they have the coffee you like?" asked Drew. "Yes, they did, thanks for asking (and smiles.)

That was really sweet of you to remember the little things like that." "Well, you know me, I like the little things, the little things are the important things", smiled Drew, "So what did you want to talk about, what do you have in mind?"

"I just wanted to let you know that I wanted to break it off with you," said Terry. "WHAT!" intoned Drew, loudly enough so that the other patrons of the coffee bar looked up from their coffee drinks and stared!

Drew looked around and with a lowered voice said to Terry, "I thought things were going so well. What happened? What did I do?" Terry reached down to a piece of paper on the table and handed it to Drew and said slowly, "I thought you might ask that question, so I brought the list."

"You have a list?" Drew was surprised and confused at the existence of a list, "it’s only been a week." "Here's the list. Read it. Study it. Assimilate it." Drew looked down at the list and began to scan it quickly. "I don't understand. This isn't right. This is messed up!" Drew looked up at Terry, with a face on the brink of comprehension of heartbreak, where just a moment before resided an air of happy expectation. "No! It's not messed up." Then more slowly, "what would be messed up is if I had left you high and dry, with no explanation whatsoever," said Terry sympathetically.

"At least with the list, I'm trying to help you out. There is a reason why you’re not married yet. The list is an excellent opportunity for a new beginning." Drew looked up at Terry with moistened eyes, "A new beginning? It’s only been a week. How could you possibly have a list this long?"

"Well, if we stay together longer, then the list would just get longer. This way it’s not so bad." Drew pondered the list then looked up at Terry and said slowly, "It's not so bad. What if I do the things on this list? Would you stay with me?" "It's not a 'To Do' list, Drew.

It's time for us to part ways and I thought I would try and help you out a little before I left. That way you would comprehend why I left you. At least in the future you may come to an understanding.

Like I said, read the list, study the list and assimilate the list. It might help you to learn more about yourself." Drew felt rejected. "So you would rather be alone, than be with me?" "It's not about being alone, or being without you. It really is all about you." said Terry. "The list is all about you.

I know what you've been doing Drew, or actually who you've been doing and I just can't anymore." "What if I stop? What if I stop everything and maybe we can start all over again? How would that be?" pleaded Drew. "Drew, I need to go, I have laundry that I have to do, bills to pay, I need to wait for the mother ship to arrive, anything but be here with you," said Terry.

"Good luck and good bye and hopefully the next one won't have my naive personality but will be able to handle your open views on relationships." "Okay, Terry...I guess...well you have things you need to do and I have things I need to do...I guess," cried Drew. "Be see' ya."

By: Colton Ryan, Va

 Discover How to "BAIT" a Guy or Your Boyfriend WITHOUT Ever Feeling Like You're Chasing or Even Hitting on Him


1.) Attention

In the midst of your broken love and dream, all that you are left with, is just but wonder and try to figure...what happened to your dream man, your sweet boyfriend? And hundreds of other unanswered questions like:

  • Does Mr. Right really exist?

  • Will you ever again, find the man of your dreams?

  • What is it that men really want from a woman?

  • Should you try to get your boyfriend back or give up?

No wonder in a world where many people are desensitized, no one believes in love anymore. "I don't think it exists" and "I'm destined to be alone" are all phrases that we hear so often that it becomes cliche.

However, the question is and should be, is true love really out there? Does true love really last forever? Sure it does, but relationships are harder to maintain than curly hair. The old standby that women are from Venus and men are from Mars is always a good excuse but there has to be a way to break the communication barriers between the sexes. It doesn't always have to be a battle.

  • Why are men so different from women? What does your boyfriend really want from you?

Searching for love?
  • Meet African Men

  • Meet African Women

  • Meet American Women

  • Meet American Men

Men are wired differently from women. Period.

It's in our genetic make up to be the way we are. In the days of caveman age, the men went out hunting and the women stayed home with each other, chatting and laughing along together as they prepared a good meal so that the clan lived on to be healthy individuals.

That kind of behavior foretells a number of things.

When you are hunting, you must remain silent no matter the level of excitement you reach or the conversations you'd rather be having at the watering hole with, I don't know...

This in turn has affected men so that the need to be silent with their emotions has evolved into miscommunication with their mates, since there's really no need to hunt mammoths anymore. Women on the other hand, lead by expression of their ideas and thoughts, something that is ingrained into them as much as a hunter's silence is ingrained into a man.

Women are also designed to nurture, while it is instinct for men to spread their seed far and wide in order to keep the species alive. This is pure instinct and in a modern world where instincts are tamped down into a small space in the back of our minds, it causes a lot of trouble. Things like cheating or fear of commitment can be a result of these instincts whistling for the right of way.

Women want to keep their men safe and warm trying to keep them at home, so that their families are complete and whole. Men are also simple, and women tend to complicate and over analyze things. With these differences in mind, the trick to communication is to understand the differences that exist between men and women and using them to your advantage and keep your perfect boyfriend begging to stay with you for the rest of his life.

  • Will you ever be able to decode how your boyfriend thinks?

Women are constantly calling men dogs and are frustrated by the way they act, but these women never stop and think about "why" men do what they do. Women analyze things. Men do not. This leads to pure complications. For example, let's say that a man wants to pay a woman a compliment. He walks up to her and tells her that he likes her hair or clothes. She says thank you and he walks away.

But for most women, it doesn't end there. Her mind is clicking over with questions. "Why did he just approach me"? "What does he want"? And so on. Men give it another brief thought about how pretty she is and keeps moving and most likely gives the same complement to another woman he runs across.

Another example is in the laundry basket. Women need to sort the delicates, make sure the colors are with the colors and the whites are with the whites, and fabric softener and dryer sheets. Men dump the clothes into the washer, add soap, and then they are done. Go watch your boyfriend and see that in action.

You will be amazed and terrified at how men handle some tasks that we tend to handle more delicately. With all this over analyzing, it's easy to see where the confusion is at. Women want to continue an argument that men brush aside at the first glance.

At the end of the day...

Most men and mind you that includes your boyfriend want to crawl into bed or sit in the recliner and watch TV, and women, feeling the need to discuss and analyze, want to talk about their feelings. Of course, as mentioned before, the silent hunter buried deeply inside the brains of the modern man will shush him and try to make sure that the mammoth that is commitment is speared accordingly and dragged home to the table.

10 Basic Things Your Boyfriend Wished Women Knew About Men

Men want certain things from women, and it's not surprising what they are. So, what do men really want from women? That is a million dollar question and because not all men are the same, there is no one short and straight answer for that. Overall thought, below are 10 basic things that your boyfriend wished you knew:

1.) Honesty

Men don't want a woman that tells him lies, whether it is about the color of her hair or where she spent the night. Most people understand that lying only creates more lies, but to hear them from the lips of your partner can devastate. Trust me; neither you nor your boyfriend wants to be cheated around.

2.) Fidelity

While it is instinct for men to spread their seed, there is something to be said for most men that appreciate a good woman. Often, a good man will hold his own fidelity and keep it so until a woman lies or cheats on her own. Afterwards, it's no holds bars. When in doubt, read more about the "signs of a cheating boyfriend here"

3.) Someone geared towards their needs

If a man wants a family, he will look for someone who wants a family. If he is career oriented, then he will find a woman who is also. Remember that birds of a feather flock together. Now go out and find out for sure if your goals are in tune with each other.

Charming Boyfriend

4.) Affection and attention

Men like to cuddle, don't let them fool you. Behind closed doors, men love the attention and the physical closeness as much as the women do. Men appreciate the attention that women can give them and will reciprocate if they are given it.

Why not test-drive it with your boyfriend? Go, try it...a little attention here and a little affection there spiced up with some cute boyfriend quotes just for him. Men love it. They won't say it, but they love it. Don't overdo it though! That will scare your boyfriend like nothing else.

5.) A woman that knows when to go away

Sometimes men need a little space. Maybe they are angry or maybe they just need a moment away from the world alone. It's hard to do so when someone won't leave you alone.

Men get their moods just like the ladies do and it's only fair that the women give them a little space - after all, women want to be petted and cuddled when they're in a bad mood, so it's a good thing to just let them be.

Why Most women are dying to find a sensitive boyfriend

One aspect that I always wish my boyfriend would jump in and help without me having to keep asking is the area of daily household chores, work that has no pay. What I’m talking about is laundry, vacuuming, dish washing, cleaning bathrooms, running and raising the kids.

It takes constant effort to keep a home clean, organized, and livable for a family but because it doesn’t bring in income I find that men don’t feel it’s worthy of respect or gratitude. Nor do they feel they should have to partake of any of it.

Taking out the trash is too much to ask. Not picking up after themselves turns in to an additional chore for many women. A good deal of the women that deal with this attitude also work outside the home or are caring for young children, which is a separate job itself.

My boyfriend just like most men out there I know has been raised to believe it’s a woman’s job to do all these things. Some really bad men feel they can’t lower themselves to help out and to make it worse they look down on the job.

I hear of some cultures where men see women as servants and it has been going on for decades primarily because at one time it was the woman’s place to do all the household duties. Even then she wasn’t respected. Whoever brings home the bacon so to speak is the hero and worthy to be served. And as you very well, society was biased and favored men as opposed to women.

Then the unthinkable happened and women went to work too, but what happened?

Change happened for women in a large way but men haven’t come along with the change. Women have been putting up with this attitude and continued to do what is expected of them.

Now if you are a man, worth to be called a man, then listen, women value a clean house enough that they’ll do anything to keep it clean even when they’ve worked 40 hours a week or more. You want to make your lady fall madly in love with you? Then start helping your girlfriend to do those little household chores. Most women are dying to find such a sensitive boyfriend.

By: Doreen Ashley, Ca

6.) A woman that understands it's not personal

When men get in their moods, it's usually not a woman's fault, but they seem to take it personally and it often starts an argument. These ladies don't understand that it's ok to just let it go and ride out the storm. Give your boyfriend some space, stay away from asking hundreds of questions and just talking and talking not stop.

7.) A woman that is sexually free

It sounds cliché, but a woman who is open in the bedroom is open at the kitchen table too. This makes women easier to talk to, and better listeners because she has nothing to hide. The idea goes hand in hand with honesty.

8.) Freshness

Keeping things fresh in both the romance department and the commitment areas is essential. It doesn't take much, just a few extra minutes of talking to your boyfriend at night or even heart shaped pancakes in the morning or how about writing a romantic love letter for your boyfriend? Such simple things could be the glue that keeps you and your boyfriend together.

9.) Follow Through

Men want a woman that is the same as she was they met. He doesn't want her to change and be phony or pretentious after a few months of being together. Being comfortable is one thing but being someone else is something else completely.

10.) Love

Men want the real deal. Not the fake stuff or puppy love, men want the kind that will last for life. Women believe that men are afraid of commitment and it just isn't true, but men are looking for the real thing, and nothing less.

The #1 Thing That Will Get Your Boyfriend Attached To You

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