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My grandfather once famously told me, "my child, your best friends are like the stars. You will not always get to talk to, hear or get to see them, but a true friend will almost always be a blessing whenever you need them."

Best Friends

10 Reasons Why We Need Friends »     1.) For Love and Affection »

Now that I'm getting older and a little bit wiser, come to think of it, is it not just amazing at how good friends are always able to brighten your life whenever you are having fun, together, while doing the kind of stuff we all like?

The million dollar question of our lifetime; is, has always been and will always remain to be:

How do you tell if your friend is a good and true friend?

A friend that you can almost be certain to rely on when you need help the most?

That, my friend, is what you are about to discover on this page. Read on...

On this page, you are going to discover ten reasons why we need friends. The type of "special friend" that you can almost always rely on.

A friend who will stand by your side through thick and thin, has no ego, is not self centered and there is nothing more important to him or her in this world in comparison to the health of your friendship. Hopefully;

By the time you are done reading this article, you will not only tell who your best friends are, but most important, you are going to be able to become a better friend to someone special out there that loves you.

And here is why...

Below is a unique, heartwrenching story submitted by Clara all the way from from Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Just like you, Clara is a wonderful visitor to this site. You won't want to miss reading this amazing, heart breaking story that might change you!

Best Friends Forever, to the Very End

My best friend, Helen, died a little less than a year ago after battling an unfortunate debilitating disease called ALS. It broke my heart to lose her, and I still mourn the loss of her to this very day.

She was the very best of my best friends. A genuine woman, any friend could ever ask for. She was the loving mother I never had, the supportive sister I'd always wanted, and my fun and reliable partner in crime, game and glory.

There is such a void in both my heart and my life now that I find virtually impossible to fill, even though, in truth, I do have many other best friends and family members in my life. I suppose at the root of it all, there is simply no replacement for the very best of my best friends - Helen my friend.

When Helen was alive, her warm and cozy little house was always open to me, and I found myself at her place almost as often as I was at home with my husband, Tom.

Helen, a somewhat older, lonely and childless divorcee when I met her (she never remarried), cared for me on all kinds of levels as if I was her own. She cooked for me several times a week, giving me her leftovers to take back home to save me the effort of narrowly missing the ducky opportunity of blowing up my kitchen more than once a week.

  • Helen helped me get ready for several big firsts

Whenever she went to an art show, store or exhibition without me, she would inevitably pick up something randomly cool and neat for me as a surprise gift. How so sweet...

She helped me get ready for several big firsts: my first post-college job, my first (and hopefully only) husband, my first car, my first house, my first garden and my first child.

She also helped me cope with several of the most painful firsts: my first departure from my hometown, my first job loss, my first non-elective invasive surgery and most traumatically of all, my first miscarriage. These are private things I shelve away, things that only Helen, and maybe Tom - my husband, knows about.

  • Traumas, good days, mediocre times, Helen has always been for there for me.

She has given me ever so much more tangibly and spiritual blessings than I could ever confess really giving back to her, which makes my missing her so keenly now a very selfish thing, I suppose. My heart ache and heart breaks for her at times, thinking of all of the little things I could have done in return for her, or should have done for my dear friend, but didn't.

All I could do in the end was so sadly little. I remember holding her ashen little hand in mine and semi-absentmindedly massaging her legs and her feet which could no longer feel my touch...

It was pure agony that in my heart of hearts I wanted to escape more than anything! I had to mentally force myself to stay because it almost seemed like crucifying my soul to have to be there and see her in such an abnormal condition. But am I ever glad a million, billion times over now that I did stay, that I did at least that much for my poor friend, Helen.

  • My God, how I miss you, my dear friend!

I'm a terrible person without you, I know it to be true. I don't know how heaven works, if it does, but I sincerely hope you're doing alright up there in a heaven now. Tom says hello, and wishes you his best. We miss your cooking and your company, Helen. Words don't suffice to tell you how much life is simply not the same without you, but still, we remain best friends forever!

I must be honest, I'm not doing my best to move on like I should because I need you so badly, but I will try harder from today forward. I'm normally fiercely protective of sharing you, but writing about you has helped, and I know, you being how you are, won't ever mind. Take care, I love you, always.

By Clara. Los Angeles, California, United States

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10 Remarkable Ways Your Best Friends rocks More Than a Celebrity

What a story!

Life they say is short. You only have one life to live, once. This, my friend is the only time you have to live your life for there might be no other life to live after this. Unless of, we better stay away from that, right? Thank You. By the way, how about you sharing your unique story just like Clara did. Here is how:

It’s always good to have friends around you; especially the ones that make you feel good no matter the kind of mood you are in. The closer the friend is to you, the more you both have lots of things in common and that means the less stuff that you will have to do alone or the more likelihood that you’ll always get help when you need one.

It is for that reason that it's important that each one of us strive to have friends. Unfortunately, it seems that for most people, it always seems hard to find a really good friend that you know you can trust more than anyone else. That’s why you really want to make sure you do everything in your power to choose your friends carefully.

Almost everyone enjoys having friends. Good friends help to make life more enjoyable. There are a number of benefits that people get from maintaining a circle of good friends around them. Having friends and especially best friends means having friendships. Healthy friendship is key to a happier life.

There are a lot of people that feel that:

  1. Affection and love
  2. Support and help
  3. For security reasons
  4. To comfort and cheer you up
  5. Be accepted for who you are
  6. Empathize and share feelings
  7. Reduce stress in life
  8. To reduce loneliness
  9. For financial help
  10. For emotional help
  • Friendships give life a purpose,
  • Friendships brings satisfaction to life,
  • Friendships, is one other reason to live.

Real friends are people that will believe in you when other people do not, and they are always there for you. There are a number of different reasons why it is important to have friendships, and that includes our list below; seven reasons for having best friends:

The reason why people need a network of best friends will vary depending on the person. Some people need friends so that they do not feel alone and other people feel that they need to have friends who can help them deal with the fear of failure, a friend to look to for encouragement so that they feel more positive in life.

When we develop friendships we learn how to interact with people and are most likely to give and receive love, companionship and acceptance.

Friends and friendships are very important within everyone's life. Having friends and more so best friends, mean that you have someone to share things with. It gives us someone to turn to when things may not be going too well.

"How To Tell If He Wants To Be Your Best Friends Or Lover"

Your best friends should be there for you during the good times and in bad times as well. That is why you shouldn't be somber and serious all the time otherwise, that is bound to suffocate your relationship and your friendship won't be able to flourish.

How to tell if he wants to be your best friends or to be your lover

Like any relationship there will be ups and downs but overall, your friendships will be much more enjoyable if your friends are happy and you can all smile and laugh together as good friends forever more! And as we all know, that is the essence for developing friendship.

The one thing we all want is a true friend. That desire is true in every one's life.

Many people cross our life as "friends" but few are genuinely "true friends." The key to be a good friend to everyone is simple; “Just be yourself” and here is why: Almost all sour friendships are created by the mask we tend to wear on our face by hiding the reality! And we do that by pretending to be “who we are not!”

Best Friends Forever

When I was a kid, around the age of twelve years old, my mom began to feel that I was old enough to walk home from school. The fact that her new job did not allow her to leave work early enough as she used to, did not help matter either. Unknown to her, that was a huge milestone for me.

This now meant that I could finally walk home with my best friends. I was in the seventh grade and my best friend at that time was an older girl named Lacy. We were quite opposites, with her curvy build and green eyes, and me being flat chested and with eyes as dark as chocolate.

She was fourteen and two grades ahead of me, but I guess we became about to be best friends because our families went to the same church and she lived two blocks away from me. I remember it was one day, not too soon after we started walking home together, when we ran into Billy.

Billy was a homeless guy, someone whom my mom occasionally stopped and gave change to. That's how I came about to know his name. He was always wearing dirty clothes, but seemed friendly enough, though I was still terrified of him most of the time.

On this particular day, Lacy and I stopped at someone's front porch so as to tie my shoes. I hated those laces; they always came undone for some reason.

When I had retied the shoes, we continued on our journey, that is when I spotted Billy approaching us. He was dressed in dirty clothes as usual, but this time he was stumbling around as though he forgot how to walk upright.

After seeing my amazed expression, Lacy explained to me that he was probably drunk. Me and my big mouth screamed out "Hey, Billy are you drunk?" not knowing that you should never say that to a drunk person, especially one that you barely knew very well. Billy picked up a handful of gravel and hurled them in our direction. I saw him pull out a knife from his pocket and at that moment I was so frightened that I didn't know what to do. Lacy started to run off, but I was frozen in my spot.

Seconds later, I felt her tugging at my clothes and saying "Let's go, come on hurry!” Lacy saved me that day. We ran all the way back to school and told the security guard there what had happened. He then called her mom to get us from school. It turns out that Billy had escaped from a mental hospital and suffered some kind of mental illness. After my mom reported it, they picked him up though. A friend in need is a friend in deed! Who knows what would have happened if Lacy hadn't come back for me? We are still best friends to this day and I will never forget what she did.

Cassandra Evans

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Best Friends, A Treasure To Protect And Enjoy

You know our best friends are Indispensable, why? Because in most part - good friends are a source of happiness. Please share with us your unique ideas on how you can strengthen the bonds between our friends and cultivate happiness so that we can all enjoy time together as best friends forever

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