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5 Tips To Become A Creative Thinker

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Most people I know will shudder at the thought of writing unique - "best friends poems” because a lot of people often mistakenly think that “only a chosen few can be blessed with creative genius on a steady basis.” Well, I’m here to tell you that is just not so.

The truth is, creativeness has to be used in the same way a muscle needs exercise in order to stay strong and turn out effective results. Now, the bad news though is that if you are not in the habit of accessing your creative thinking, you can lose that critical skill all together. However, if you work hard at it, you can bring this skill back to you whenever you need it.

Five Tips on How to Become a Creative Thinker

  • Be a Willing Student Ready to Learn

The first key to becoming a creative person is pegged on your ability to soak up as much learning and knowledge as you can. Read as much as you can bad and good, and allow yourself to have an open mind to what all the universe's possibilities are. The more knowledge you have, the more you will want to learn more, and you will be exercising your ability to wonder more too. You will be surprised to discover that the more knowledgeable you become then the more your come to find out that even minor facts can enhance your life.

  • Do some kind of creative activity each day

If you want to enhance your ability to write unique poems for friends, then you really have to make that effort. Making that effort will require you to start thinking out of the ordinary. You goal is to always be open to new ways or tying something. Do not be hindered by anything.

For instance scribbling little pictures on paper can be considered as some kind of creative activity. You may also want to start drawing a few minutes every day. Grab your favorite camera and take a lot of photos. Start a journal and start to write something in it on a regular basis.

You objective in doing such activities is to use your five senses and write describing what you are experiencing. You may want to stay away from the normal adjectives of amazing, delicious and marvelous because they are too vague of a description.

Before long you will have accumulated a small portfolio and you will be surprised at how you have grown through doing those pieces of art. “The kind of art - that will enable you to be able to write unique best friends poems that get noticed!” In fact, in no time you will see that these things will be a part of your life and you will be driven to do creative activities.

  • You can think either inside or outside the box

Sometimes having boundaries is good. Limitations give you discipline to work within the skills you have. They make you become more resourceful. The freedom to be creative is good too, however, limitations encourage discipline.

Each day you should do something new and allow these experiences to open up your mind to various perspectives. Explore each new part of town. Go to the museum that just opened. Talk to a person on the train or bus. Be open to the individuals who surround you.

The more you put yourself in situations that are not in your so-called comfort zone, the more your will crave the adventure and you will gain a new zest for living. Now how about that! Really thinking out of the box is one sure fire that will enable you to come up with some of the best friends poems ever written

  • Start or do something new or unique

Of course your goal is to write best friends poems that are unique, but now if I may ask you; can you remember the last time you did anything for the very first time? Do you remember how it felt, and now when you look back!

Well, if you have not done anything new in awhile, then you have missed numerous experiences which would have helped you in your mental, emotional, spiritual or physical growth.

Why not go bungee jumping tomorrow or even today for that fact?

You will not only learn, but also gain an experience to share with others, which will help you develop your storytelling abilities; this will certainly make you the center for the party, a celebrity and composer of some of the best friends poems ever written! How about that?

  • Embrace sanity and fear nothing but fear it self

Don't run from insanity embrace it. Just don't overdo it up to where you need to be committed to a mental hospital. Sanity can be very calming but insanity is a lot more exciting. How true this is! All truly creative thought were once considered to be insanity by those who thought themselves normal.

The good thing is that this did not prevent the people with creative genius from doing their creative activities. Sanity though, or thinking normal inhibits people's thinking for the most part. It makes them be limited. Creativity has no limits for the most part. This does include the strange and bizarre things at times. Some of your best friends poems you create might not be received well especially by the so called experts and don’t be surprised if your work may get ridiculed.

The key! Never give up. History is full of great works that at the time of their creation none saw how significant they were.

Now I am not recommending that you should totally become disconnected and deviate from what is considered normal in society in your pursuit for creativeness. This could go a rye. Some examples from history of such extreme deviation that I am not recommending includes” James Joyce writing “Dubliners” in beetle juice because he had a fear of ink, or George Washington riding into a battle with no clothes on, or then there was Albert Einstein thinking his cat actually was spying on him for his arch nemesis or rival.

You need to make sure that your creativity does not get so out of hand that you become disconnected totally from what the real world is all about. Hopefully the information here has been an inspiration for you to begin thinking past your present limits inhibiting you from writing some of those unique best friends poems we all enjoy to read.

If you take heed of the above five tips I guarantee you that now only are you going to be able to write some of the best poems for friends for others to read but also you will start to have a more adventurous life that will cause you to have a new enthusiasm for your life.

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