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Don't you think it's amazing at how, some of the simple tasks in life that we normally take for granted are in fact, the most difficult to deal with?

For instance, when it comes to finding unique gifts to give a friend, most people are astonished to discover that such a simple decision making task isn’t that simple and as easy as it seems.

It’s for that reason that on this page today, we are going to take a step back and ask ourselves the following three questions: Hopefully the three questions will help us defines friendship and what good friendship is all about.

And that, I belief will help us to be able to choose the best suited gift that our friends will appreciate.

  1. What exactly is a friendship?
  2. What does it mean to be a good friend?
  3. What is the difference between a good friend and just an ordinary friend?

  • Let us start with the first question, what is friendship?

When two people know each other well and have common interests, care for one another, spent most of their free time together, and are helpful to each other, they are said to be friends. But if I may ask you do think that would be an accurate description of friendship? It seems to broadly cover the areas of friendship.

To be a good friend, we must have most of these qualities, correct? What happens if you have some of the same interests as your friend, but you also have interests that you friend does not share. Does this make for just an ordinary friendship?

Sit down and consider the number of good friends you have.

Sit Down Good Friends

10 Tips That Makes Good Friends »     1.) Love and Affection »

Now think about the number of interests you share with these friends and the amount of those that you do not share with them. Can a good friendship occur even when there are not several common interests present?

Given, of course, that other qualities of a good friend are in plenty? What about the caring for one another or nurturing the relationship by reading some of the best friend gift ideas?

Too often, we see friendships where one person is not very caring of the relationship, but can step up when the going gets tough and be very caring. Does this mean that even if a friend is not caring about the day to day progress of the relationship, they can still be considered a good friend if they are there through the most difficult times?

  • Now let's look at enjoying the company of each other

Does this imply that good friends tend to stay away from others? Should these two friends be together all the time? What if they went a month without seeing each other? These relationships are indescribable, wouldn't you say?

For this reason, being a good friend to someone may mean that we care but do not have to show it at all times. We are there to help out when the need arises. That even if we don't spend every moment with each other, we still enjoy being together. We are quick to defend each other if the situation calls for it.

  • The final test is - How to determine a good friendship

Friends may not be together for long periods of time, but when it is necessary, they will be together. They each share a bond that brings them together. They have shared so much among the friendship that the past is able to carry its self into the future.

Friendship simply means that we like one another. We have shared many great memories together and cherished some of the best friend gift ideas along the way. We value and have respect for each other. Without a strong bond between our hearts and emotions, there will be no sign of a good friendship.

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