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 Top 10 "Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas" that are Memorable

Discover some of the "best, cool and weird - best friend birthday gift ideas" that will certainly make your friend to be thankful for your thoughtful gift idea. The search, for unique and brilliant best friends gifts ends here, today.

Outstanding Birthday Gifts For Friends and Family

My Uncle bought me an electronic photo album as a Christmas gift a few years ago. At first I thought it was just a plain picture frame but it turned out to be so much more. He had uploaded pictures of my family onto the photo album that always make me smile and make me happy.

It was such a thoughtful gift. Whenever I move into a new place or even when I go on vacation, I always take the electronic photo album with me. It makes me feel closer to my family and closer to home.

Every time I see the electronic photo album I think about my Uncle and smile. I still tell him about how much I love the album when we get the chance to see each other at family gatherings. I've even called him a few times to tell him how much I love the gift and how special he is to me.

Story submitted by Christine

best friend birthday gift ideas - Memories That Last a lifetime!

It's time for a change. Don't you think so?

Today, you are about to say goodbye to all the worries, confusion and anguish you've been going through. If you've been searching and trying to find that unique birthday gift, not the same old boring gift or routine you've been accustomed to, year in year out! Then, at last - relax, take a sit, grab a drink and join the conversation.

The cool thing about best friend birthday gift ideas on this page is that:

  • The following best friend birthday gift ideas you find here have been suggested by visitors like you.

And here is why...

We, of course all know that, a birthday is one of the most awaited days in one’s life. And if it happens to be your friend’s birthday; it has to be special.

Buying a gift for this occasion can be tedious at times.

Whenever you go ahead and start to shop around for a nice birthday gift for your best friend, you should take care of certain aspects.

It is always good to make a clear budget plan so as to avoid any disappointment or strain at the time of buying the gift.

It is equally important to keep in mind; that never flaunt your money through the gift. Gift has to be special not expensive.

A good gift should match your friend’s interest and should reflect your personality and concern for your friend. Whenever going you go out to buy a gift, always keep in mind the areas of interest of your friend. You may also try to give a personal touch to your gift. Remember, best friend birthday gift ideas, must not always have to be a physical items good only. Other alternative exist, like digital products, ebooks and more.

Unique best friend birthday gift ideas from the Heart

"Truly, if each friend is unique, then each gift you give to
him or her should be unique as well."

Buying a birthday gift for your best friend can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Now that you've been close to and important friends to each other's lives for so long; it can be difficult to see what is staring you straight in the face. It all depends on the individual.

Your best friend can tell when you have put thoughts into your gifts, even if he or she does not like it. And if you are still asking yourself why? It's because they know you and how your mind works.

That is why the list of more than 30 best friend birthday gift ideas and tips you will find on this page (and that list is growing) are unique and come from the heart of other visitors like you.

Feel free to click on the following link to add your own "unique birthday gifts for best friend here" so that other visitors who come after you will be thankful for your thoughful ideas and the rest of the best friend birthday gift ideas that have been suggested by friends from around the world.

My best friend and I are very close. It's often very challenging to decide what to give each other for our birthdays. I try to look at our shared experiences and decide if she would prefer something that I made, or if she would prefer something bought from a store. It's always a challenge.

  • Unique Gifts is What Comes After "What matter most in friendship"

We change with each passing year, so I have to keep up on how she's feeling from year to year! One of the greatest gifts she ever gave me was a little toy, despite both of us being grown adults. Its funny how that "toy gift" always reminds me of some of our best moments together.

Unique Best Friend Gift Ideas

We should always tend to try and give our friends gift that:

Really demonstrate that we appreciate them, shows an interest in what they are, and will most likely cater for their immediate or future needs.

Quick links to get you going

All in all, in the end, we both look towards to what matters most in our friendship. Neither of us is particularly interested in material gain, but it's nice to see something physical, in our hands, that remind us of each other and how important we are to each other. Like the "African bracelet" I gifted her.

In the past, I have bought her both expensive and inexpensive gifts with varying receptions. I have gone the way of buying her expensive electronic gadgets for her birthday, like the "pocket video camera" she was eying all year, that were all each well-received.

I've also given her inexpensive gifts, like a "the photo album" of some of our greatest hits as friends together comprising of road trip pictures, our outing photos and not forgeting the crazy party pictures. To my utter suprise, that particular photo album still means the whole world to her.

  • Some unique gifts are received better than others

Over the years, I've noticed that certain gifts are received better than others. Although it wasn't for a birthday, one year I bought a group of my friends, including my best friend, the exact same gift for Christmas. It was a piece of jewellery with a small symbol on it. It was an obscure cultural reference to a television show that we had all grown up watching together and forgotten.

Usually people panic when they buy identical gifts for multiple friends, but I decided to do it anyway on purpose this time round. It was a memory that we all shared and cherished but had forgotten about. I took the opportunity to spark our nostalgia, and I bought one for myself too.

When they received their gifts, it gave us all an opportunity to get together again after slowly growing apart over the years. That simply gift spark a kind of nostalgia, that worked for the good of our friendship.

  • It all boils down to how much thought we put into when we give a gift

We therefore should all know that if there isn't any emotion and thought put into what we give, most likely our best friends, won't appreciate it or adore that gift as much as we adore them. That's why we strongly belief that the list below comprising of best friend birthday gift ideas matters.

10 Personalized best friend birthday gift ideas That are Memorable

Custom Sweatshirt Gifts 1.) Custom Made Sweatshirts

The thing with sweatshirts is that people wear them anyway. Most are pretty dull, just another casual, unremarkable piece of clothing. But with customization, a person would become more noticeable and convey more about his or her likes to other people. Perhaps the custom sweatshirt would serve as a conversation starter with a fellow sports fan (or invite an argument from an opposing team's fan!). Continue reading here

Custom Car Seat Covers Gift

2.) Custom Car Seat Covers

While car seat covers could be a nice way to give a friend a personal gift, as a unique best friend birthday gift ideas, it also seems like something that you may want find a way to have them pick it out for themselves. Most people use their car everyday, and therefore the person picking out such a gift must really know well the taste of the person it is for.

I think car seat covers would best go to someone who currently has uncomfortable or unattractive seats, otherwise such a gift could probably end up being such a waste. If you are buying car seats online, then without any picture to look at, it is hard to know whether this gift would be classy or trashy. Click here for more

3.) Luxury Sleepwear

If you’ve been looking for the perfect and significant gift for your loved ones, then make them feel cozy and warmth all year long with this ultra soft and luxurious quality sleepwear.

These organic pajamas and sleepwear make great, pampering gifts that are going to be used and cherished for many years to come. The kind of a versatile gift that is ideal for any age, gender and personality – great for both men and women for any type of occasion.

After all, everyone deserves to be pampered. Don't you too, think so? Well...

Luxury sleepwear are rare best friend birthday gift ideas. You can gift luxury sleepwear to someone you are already close to and know them very well. Surely he or she will feel that you are close to them during their sleep. And, moreover this is a gift that people use on a daily basis. A luxury sleepwear will be useful and an "unforgettable gift" to gift someone close to you. More about luxury sleepwear here

Custom Made Jewelry

4.) Custom Made Jewelry

what is really great about the custom jewelry is that there is so much variety as far as best friend birthday gift ideas are concerned. So many different pieces can be made to where you'll rarely find the same thing. And that should be special to anyone!

I find that women especially love custom made jewelery. The secret is to know what their style is, what kinds of colors, shapes, metals, and stones they prefer. For example, some ladies I know prefer white gold, others prefer turquoise or aqua colored stones. Picking the style that special person loves and customizing it makes for a really special gift! Keep reading about "custom made jewelry gift idea" by clicking here

Personalized Drinkware Gifts

5.) Personalized Drinkware

A customized drinkware is really an ideal product that can be used as promotional freebies. We all love customized glasses, coffee cups, sports bottles, and portable personalized mugs.

Choosing the the best drinkware is not really hard as you may probably be thinking. Some of the well-known possible choices include water bottles, customized coffee and tea mugs with custom made holder, stainless mugs, and eco-friendly portable cups and much more. Find out more here

Personalized Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

Personalized best friend birthday gift ideas tend to create a more lasting impression.

To my best friend who is studying at university, exhausted with overwork and struggling to make ends meet; we decided to "buy her a pre paid visa card gift card" preloaded with cash on it for a month’s groceries when we took her for a weekend away with us during her break period.

We've given her numerous other gifts during the time we've been friends but she told me that the "pre paid visa card gift" was the gift that meant the most to her. Of course, we'd noticed she needed some sort of financial help and we stepped up without her having to say anything.

To other good friends of ours, my girlfriend and I, have given personalized gift items. we've made handbags, or wallets. We have put together gift baskets full of bath product for friends who are expecting a child, baked meals for friends who just need a night off and made birthday / engagement or wedding cakes. Read more about unique best friend birthday gift ideas here

Laptop Briefcase Gifts

6.) Laptop Briefcase

With hundreds of business products being sold in the market, without a doubt, most people have trouble choosing the best gift for their loved ones. If you have a friend who happens to have a professional job that requires him or her to always carry along a laptop then a perfect gift you may want to consider is gifting them laptop brief-case.

In most cases, most people do not think about this kind of bag to be something to give as present to someone, simply because they think about it as being a product usually befitting a traditional businessman. More here

Personalized Photo Album Gifts

7.) Personalized Photo Album

I love taking pictures and love to snap candid pictures of just about anything. I especially like to catch people in their most candid position. That is when they are totally unaware that a camera is trained on them. I find that these are some the funniest as well as some of the most real and beautiful pictures that I have taken. Why not check out this gift idea here

8.) Throw Blankets Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

A personalized throw blanket is one of the best gifts to be given to your best friend. All you need to do is to select a decent light colored throw blankets or any other color that your friend likes and then customize it with all the imagination, memories and the likings you and your friend have together.

Who knows your friend better than you! You know his favorite color, his hobbies and his design preferences. Simply choose the best customization option you deem perfect for the occasion and ask the vendor to engross your person preferences on the throw blanket.

There can be many options such as printing the names of two of you on top of the throw blanket using the fonts and style you love. It could also print the chronology of events for instance, how you both met and how your friendship flourished. You can print the slogan you both loved and shared as a symbol of your friendship or it could simply be a painting of your friend’s choice. Make it as beautiful as possible to your friend’s liking. You can always add your best wishes on the throw blanket itself or write some motivational slogans to stand by him or her in the adversities. Click on this link to read more

Custom Picture Frame Gifts

9.) Custom Picture Frame

The reason I would choose to give a photo frame as a gift to my best friend is because according to me, the best gift that we can give our best friend is anything that we have made with our own hands since that shows that we cared enough to take out time to make something.

It is pretty simple to custom make a photo frame that you can then gift to your best friend. You will need card board, colored papers, glitters,stickers that have to do anything with best friend theme and a good picture of the two of you. Continue reading on more about how to make a picture frame for your friend here

Personalized Water Globe Gift

10.) Personalized Water Globe - Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

Choosing a birthday gift for your best friend can at times be a very difficult task. Part of the reason why this becomes a daunting task is because when choosing sucha a gift, we have to take into account our friends likes and dislikes and preferences. And that is not that straight forward.

It has been rightly said that a friend in need is a friend in deed. A true friend is one who shares with you both your happiness and sorrow. Indeed now days it is very difficult to get a true friend who is with you throughout your life. In fact getting a true friend is the greatest gift of all. It's for that reason why a personalized water globe is an ideal gift to convey how special your friend is to you. Click here to continue reading

Best Friends Birthday Gift Ideas That are Remarkable

There's nothing worse than receiving an ill-conceived birthday gift that shows quite clearly that the giver has no idea who you are or what you like. When it boils down to personalized best friend birthday gift ideas, there is really no end to the delightful gifts you can give with just a little attention and time.

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to unique and memorable best friend birthday gift ideas, all it takes is just for you to be a little creative, thoughtful and mindful!

The most delightful gifts I've received are the ones that have history or show how much the other person values me.

For example my cousin know I love tea.

On my 26th birthday, he passed on a tea set that his friend had given him on his 26th birthday. How thoughtful!

For example how about giving your friends with kids a night off by babysitting for them? Your friends can then use that time to do whatever they please.

Or to an artist friend; how about buying their artistic supplies. Of course if you fing that to be a daunting task how about giving them a gift certificate to an art supply store?

My brother put together an album of photos for the whole family. My girlfriend bought me a web design software that I had been coveting but refused to buy for myself.

Another friend of mine offered to do the flowers for my friends wedding (she' a florist). Another who is a designer made a wedding dress for our friends wedding.

If your friend happens to be a party buff then you can arrange a surprise party for him. Call all his near and dear ones and arrange a nice homemade birthday cake.

You don’t have to go out and rent an expensive night club; you can artfully transcend your garage into a nice party hall. Use your computer speakers for magnifying the music. You can pull the electric wire and fix fancy or decorative lights in minimal expenditure. Pull up the garden chairs and make sitting arrangements. In nut shell you can tactfully make your friend’s evening memorable and exquisite.

On the other hand if your friend likes solitude, then you can take out your picnic mat and can go to your favorite place under the sun. It doesn’t have to be an exotic location. Any place in your nearby park or a small excursion to serene country side will do just fine. Make homemade recipes; to accentuate the trip.

Your best friend birthday gift ideas can be personalized also. For instance you can gift an avid reader a book of his favorite author, along with a handmade book mark. Or you can gift a nice collection of your friend’s old time pictures, assembled in a nice photo album, with personal remarks about every photo.

Want to read more about best friend birthday gift ideas?

Why not click on the link below to read more about that special gift!

Personalized best friend birthday gift ideas

10 Gift Ideas »     1.) Best Friend Birthday Gift Idea »

"best friend birthday gift ideas Are Those Born Out of a shared past"

Past experiences, moments and occasions help cement a friendship and bring friends closer together. But for there to be a past, the present exists and it matters. Talking about the present, how about organizing and paying for a dinner for two with your friend at a nice restaurant you both will enjoy? Or heading off to a day spa together?

If money is an issue; why not just pack a picnic lunch full of things you know your friend loves and spend the afternoon in a park enjoying the meal you provided and each-others conversation or some little bit of exercise?

  • Why not find something that you know you'll both enjoy!
  • How about if you organize tickets for say a comedy show, concert or art exhibition?
  • And if all else fails there is always books you love inscribed with a message from you jewelry, or trinkets.

In nut shell, best friend birthday gift ideas and tips on this page could be anything from an expensive wrist watch to a simple crystal globe. What matters is not the money but the idea behind it. Anything gifted with a bit of your concerned thought and involvement can make a great difference to the art of gifting.

In the end, it’s just not the material gift you offer but more important is the sentiments that your gift express. After all it is your best friend’s birthday. And you care for them, right? Hopefully the following list comprising of cool, unique and weird or funny best friend birthday gift ideas will help the gift you chose for your friend to stand out.

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas That Says It All

I believe that in most cases, and with most people, giving a "custom made jewelry as a birthday gift for your best friend" is a remarkable best friend birthday gift ideas. Many people wear jewelry, and if they don't, maybe it is just because they haven't found a piece of jewelry that they absolutely love.

A person who receives a custom jewelry as a gift will probably be very thrilled with the amount of thought and personalization that goes into it. Especially these days, many gift givers don't put much thought into making gifts individualized at all. Many buyers end up purchasing very generic gifts - or even just give out funny greeting cards.

I know that I often stop to buy a quick gift card at a random store or restaurant as a present for someone - and I may not know for sure if they even like the particular establishment. Thinking about that compared to custom jewelry makes me feel a little lame now, like I'll probably try harder from now on...

Anyway, everyone is different and likes different things. If someone wants to go the route of buying a custom jewelry either online from a local jewelry store, they should make sure that the person they are getting the gift for will like it. It may be a little too much trouble to go out of one's way to get custom jewelry made if they aren't totally sure that the person receiving it will be appreciative. Continue reading more about custom made Jewelry here

As well as depicting friendship, someone may give a friendship gift to another person to show how much they care for them. Why not share your best friend birthday gift ideas using the form below

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How to Give the Perfect Gift

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Awasome best friends birthday gift ideas and much more.

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