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 10 Ways to Create Your Own American Dream

The New American Dream

Discover 10 powerful tips you can apply right now, to revive "the American Dream today"

Americans are hurting and you don’t even have to go far for proof.

Everywhere you go, each state you visit, every town you stop by or each household you are invited to, people are hurting and it just seems like there is no help coming soon. Not from the government or the President!

But still, there is hope for tomorrow. A new America, a new dream. Trust me, a better and bright future waits for you and it's within your power!

Giving up is not an option, I belief that our good days are ahead of us. A future that challenge us to think different and do things differently. This dream, this future can be summarized in a single word - opportunity.

Is the American Dream Dead?

It used to be that you were told to work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone and you will achieve the American dream. Some time ago hard work went out the window so Americans could work smarter not harder. Now, it most certainly doesn't work that way.

Those jobs that were hard or tedious went overseas and now Foreigners are living the American dream. Americans used to be proud of the goods they made now all anyone thinks about is "whats in it for me" the corporate greed isn't the only problem as that greed has filtered down and now everyone wants their share, but they don't want to work for it.

In my fathers day he worked hard at, not one, 3 jobs to take care of his family and buy a small house. He did what he had to do. Today it doesn't matter how hard you work as the pay rates haven't kept up with inflation and most people can barely afford to live in an apartment.

Look at the Chinese. They have taken away most of the manufacturing jobs and now their people are living the American Dream. They are buying houses, cars and generally living a much better life than they had in the past. We can't even answer phones anymore so we farm that work out to India. There was a time in this country when a man was proud because he worked hard and took care of himself and his family no matter what jobs he had to do.

Now, people don't want to do work they believe is beneath them. If you are looking for the American dream it's still alive and well, you'll just have to travel ten thousand miles to Asia to be able to live it. Talen

Story submitted by Henderson

What do you think,

Is this the end of the end of the american dream? Share you thought here

Even thought, Washington seems to be more interested at fighting and scoring political points rather than doing the right thing, that their constituents send them to do. And on the other hand even though, large institutions are more interested at stashing piles of cash into their bank accounts and making Wall Street investors happy rather than creating jobs for ordinary folks...And on and on the nation's problems persist with no solutions at sight.

  • There is still a future and it's on your hands! It's within reach and yes if others can do it, you too can.

Each person has an opportunity to set and achieve their personal goals, regardless of age or background.

New American Dream Pictures

The New American Dream »     1.) Stop Complaining about Work »

Immigrants travel to our wonderful country from desolate places all over the world in order to seek an opportunity that had for so long eluded them in their homeland. The American system, whether it-be capitalism, democracy, or simply the oft-undervalued freedom we so thankfully enjoy, is designed to give every person within its bounds an equal chance to succeed at his or her endeavors.

For some, that may be to become a powerful figure in the corporate world, turning a six or seven-figure salary, enjoying American dream vacations and moving mountains with every oral decree. Others may take their comforts in the domestic sense, and hope only to meet someone with whom to fall in love, and prosper with a loving family.

Still, others will be grateful simply to be free of the chains that burdened them in other parts of the world, such as a former citizen of a communistic state starting a small business or a minority casting a vote in a local election and letting his or her voice be heard in the community.

The truly magnificent aspect of the American dream is that its perspective cannot be pinpointed; for each American, the dream may be different. And the sheer uniqueness of each person’s ambition, and the fact that this great nation provides opportunity to see that ambition bear fruit, is the characteristic that defines the United States of America and the dreams of those within it.

American Dream Stop Complaining 1.) Stop Complaining about Everything

That is certainly right, stop complaining. Considering the fact that the overall world economy keeps growing at an extremely slow-moving pace, folks at times really feel overwhelmed. Consequently, for most folks, it's rather easy to complain. Click here to find out more

American Dream Government Help 2.) Quit Waiting for Government Help

Still waiting for government help to solve your very own problem? No offense, however your best hope would be to stop expecting the federal government to assist you and here is why:

American Dream Community First 3.) Start Improving Your Community First

Here’s exactly why it’s vital that you pay more attention to what is happening in your neighborhood first instead of getting stressed up with the time wasting and indecisiveness Washington DC. Click here to continue reading why it is important to focus in your community

American Dream Scared 4.) Stop Getting Scared That Quickly

Stop allowing your-self to be so worried and therefore letting yours-elf live a life filled with fear and anxiety. What if I told you there is an alternative way to overcome your fears and as a result be able to achieve your American dream! Why not find out more here

American Dream Entrepreneurial Spirit 5.) Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Uncover how you can ignite your business entrepreneurship spirit today by capitalizing on something you really love and know how to do so well and consequently turning that to something that you can be able to generate an income out of. How about you click here for more info

Does the American Dream still exist?

Well, I sure think it does. As an undergraduate at an Ivy League university on the East Coast, my roommate, Tammy, came from a family of Vietnamese immigrants. Tammy arrived in this country as a seven-year-old girl, and learned English by watching television programs and Saturday morning cartoons.

Though neither of Tammy’s parents spoke English, Tammy worked hard to excel academically. Her English became flawless; her grades were perfect; as a high school student, her peers elected her Prom Queen due to her kind nature, joyful personality, and academic success.

Tammy achieved all these successes in spite of her background, which often disadvantaged her.

Unlike many students, she worked a part-time manufacturing job all of high school to support her family. Not only was she the first person in her family to attend college...She attended Harvard University, one of the best colleges in the country.

Today, Tammy is an alumna of the medical school program at Yale University. She works as a doctor at a large hospital in California, where she gets to actualize her passion for helping people every day.

In her free time, Tammy volunteers at a free clinic in an underprivileged community, and at a school, where she teaches English to kids like the kid she once was.

Tammy, to me, embodies the American dream.

Though Tammy came from a background with low prospects, she worked hard to achieve all that she could. More importantly, however, Tammy uses her success today to help other individuals actualize their potential. As long as generous people like Tammy work to transfer their skills and help their neighbors out of goodness and love, the American dream will always exist.

Story submitted by Laura

Is the American dream still alive?

Tell us what you think by clicking on the following link "is the American dream still alive"

American Dream Do More Great Work 6.) Do More Great Work Not Less

Did you know that Americans generally tend to have more spare time to relax compared to other citizens around the world? However, you and I know that it is not easy for somebody to easily relax if you're not making enough money to pay the bills. Find out more

American Dream Get Out of Debt 7.) Get Out of Debt Fast as Possible

Seriously, if you plan to achieve you own American dream, then I say to you: plan to get out of debt as soon as possible! In this time and age, we must make sure that we are implementing the very best debt management concepts in order to safeguard ourselves from financial tragedy. Try these sound debt management tips today to get rid of your debt.

American Dream Solve a Problem 8.) Help Others Solve a Problem

Many of us are very proficient at doing something. I’m sure there is at least one thing that you really know how to do really well. I’m also sure that either your friends or your family members have thanked you so much for helping them solve a problem that you know how to solve without even blinking once. That is your gift and you are good at it. Continue reading here

American Dream Help Somebody Do Something 9.) Help Somebody Do Something

Despite of you being busy, you need to create a little bit of your time and make it your goal to assist someone do something they wish to accomplish. Helping someone else complete something they desire to is really important however small it's. It’s the only way to leave this world a better place and at the same time help others achieve their own American dream too.

American Dream Learn Something New 10.) Learn Something New Every Day

One of the habits of successful people is that they are always ready and willing to learning new things or new ways to solve their problems. One easy way to achieve the American dream is to make it your habit to always be ready to learn something new when the opportunity presemts itself. Why not click here to discover more about learning new things!

 How to Create Your own American Dream and Live the
Kind of Life You've Always Dreamt About All...Along


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  • This life, this world is not just about money, politics, relationships...just say it!
  • Neither is it about power, success and failure or cut throat competition.
  • It’s not about worrying about tomorrow's problems and by passing today’s blessings.
  • This world is not about ...ah... and the list goes on and on...

For a moment forget about all that endless list...take a dip breath, relax... breath in...out ...easy, steady now, e-e-e-easy ...Now we are on the same page. Hurry! hurry! buckle up and and on, we go...

  • This world, this life is about: Finding yourself, knowing yourself and defining who truly you are!
  • And having the freedom and equal opportunity to pursue your goals and dreams,

Without fear or worry of reprisal from those with power or powerful organizations and institutions.

And there my friend is what I call my revised version of the dream. It's never too late to pursue yours!

Honesty, Integrity and Justice form part of and are embroiled in this American Dream.

Read a book about American history

Self-improvement is a subject that concerns all Americans from all walks of life. Our society has taken a turn to focus on improving one's self, and it's a step in the right direction for many people.

Facing our flaws and driving to improve ourselves is a great task to have at hand and can make your life significantly more exciting and healthy. As you go on you'll be driven to find more convenient and easy ways to improve one's self, one of the easiest, as well as informational ways of doing this is reading a book about American history.

American history is rich and deep, full of culture, and chocked full of life lessons like non other.

We have made a lot of mistakes, and done some cruel things in our past, However....

America, as a country has since then grown into an accepting symbol of freedom, and while we still have many issues our nation must deal with today, there is still improvement to be made. The truth thougn is that America have certainly improved and come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Whether you are focused on the nation's birth or the men who forged our legacy as America, reading these books is not only educational, but also a symbol of what self-improvement is all about. Our nation is something to be proud of and learning the history of how it came to be can be inspirational as well as disheartening, but knowing it over all is beneficial to anyone who is interested.

But it pains me... it's really hurts me to see some other wise good people hijack and abuse this dream.

They choose to try and grab it by going through the back door and selfishly and with no utter respect take advantage of innocent and hard working citizens. You know whom I'm talking about...Politicians, Wall Street!

saving your american dream - Quitting is not an option

The American dream is a blanket term that we have all at one point thought about. What exactly does it mean or entail? No one can put a definition on it because the American dream is truly what you make of it.

Everyone wants to have their American dreams fulfilled, but day after day more Americans are giving up on this ideal life style, believing that it isn't in their reach.

This simply isn't true; you can always create the life you want. Through hard work, ambition, and passion you can forge your own American dream and live the life you want to have.

The first step to getting the American dream is identifying what it means to you. What do you want as a career? What are your ambitions? Where do you want to live, who do you want to be with and have around? What excites you? What is your hobby?

Questions like these are pertinent to understanding what it is that makes you happy in life, and what ambitions you truly are passionate about so that you can take advantages of your strengths to accomplish your goals in life.

Once you have identified your passions, and your wants, go for them. Most people have things they want, and just don't get them because of the amount of effort needed to achieve them. Don't let the effort hold you back, go for it and unlock your dreams.

Sure, some ambitions you may have won't prevail, but that's part of life, and if you keep your drive to reach these goals eventually you'll achieve the American dream through your efforts.

I hope this site is going to help you realize your own dreams.

It's my goal to provide you with basic common day information that will help you overcome your weakness and take advantage of your strength to accomplish your dreams be it a hobby or a life time ambition. Simple but very crucial and overlooked tips that will motivate you each single day. Simple tips like (Watch this - To be continued)

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