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 Best 5 Places to Access Genealogy Records

On this page we are going to look at five places that you can tap into when you want to access genealogy records while tracing your family history. As you very well know, Genealogy is also called searching the family tree. There are numerous internet search engines that are there to help you find out about your family's history.

Below is a list of five place you can visit to help you get started on the right path, to discover your family history:

 List of 5 Places to Access Genealogy Records

1.) Lists of Passengers on a Ship

As many as ten thousand passenger lists are in existence for your viewing. Examples of these are Irish passenger lists to Canada and the United States Hamburg emigration list, Germans from Russia to Canadian and United States ports, United States Immigration records on Ellis Island, Bremen in Germany to United Stated list, Australian list.

2.) Search by last Name

More than two million names can be analyzed. and are the most popular providers of last name searches. GeneaNet is also a name on this top list. These provide suggestions on how to begin your search for family history. In addition, they lead to other databases that can be helpful.

If I may ask you, do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and paid close attention to the color of your hair, eyes and complexion?

Going by your looks, have you by any chance ever wondered whether you are Italian, Mexican or maybe Scottish?

If you truly want to know where your particular features originated, you should consider conducting a genealogical search.

3.) Cemetery Search

This is a list of more than eight thousand cemeteries around the world. African American users have access to a separate search engine database in order to fulfil their searches.

This is a list of indexes that will have last names, cemetery, census, social security death index, immigration, military and land records.

4.) Country Search

The countries which are listed are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US and countries in Europe.

This is known as the social security death index. There are plenty of things to search upon, which includes the actual social security number, the last name, the middle name, the first name, the last known address, the birth date, last claimed benefit and the date of death.

5.) Ethnicity Search

This search is geared towards African Americans and Jewish people. Database originated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is also called FamilySearch is an assortment of programs and folders that can guide a person in his search for family history. The things that are included in FamilySearch are the family history library catalog, the Intl Genealogical Index, Ancestral file, the social security death index, church record from Scotland and the United States military index.

Not only do they focus on internet searches, but they also contain suggested family history centers. These are places where you can go to conduct family history searches for no charge.

 Places to Access Genealogy Records

Access Genealogy Records

If you like the human touch when you conduct free genealogy search, and access genealogy records of your family history then you have the option of physically going to the family history centers and looking through the microfilms. These are actually physical brick and mortar locations. They number up to three thousand and four hundred. You can look through all of the microfilms for civil records and marriage records.

Once you find the correct microfilm, you can either write notes down manually or utilize a computer. Pedigree charts, family clan data, and other forms of this type can be found at one of the many different family history centers or on the internet. Various centers now are equipped with compact discs that can make your family search much simpler. The cordial LDS staff, who volunteers, is always there to help you.

So, it does matter if you know what you are doing on the internet and want to conduct your own searches or you just want to be around others who are searching for their family history, working with genealogy on the internet can be very rewarding. Do not consider this to be tedious work. Have a get it done approach. Being able to say who you are and where you originated could very well help you to see yourself in a better light.

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