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All About Us Here At Nikenya Dotcom

On this page you will get to discover all you need to know about us and the good part; you not only get to know each single one of us but also we too get to know you! Shortly I will tell you how. But, first things first:

Who we are can best be summed in three simple but powerful words:

"Nikenya Dotcom Friends"

An online community of friends that brings together all Nikenya friends from all walks of life and their friends to:

  1. Help one another.

  2. Interact with one another.

  3. Stay tuned with current news.

  4. Create your own unique Nikenya space.

  5. Express and safeguard your culture, ideas or values.

  6. Find, discover and share useful information.

  7. And many, many more in the days and years ahead.

So now don't you forget about us.

Who is eligible to participate in

  • All Nikenya members.
  • All of our friends irrespective of race, color or whatsoever.
Of course as you can see that is virtually anybody over 18 years old.

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In five simple words:
Nikenya is all about:

  • A Web 2.0 Online Community.

Where We Meet, Talk, Listen, Laught, Cry, Share, Querrel and ...

Play, have fun or remember sweet old past memories...and the future!