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5 steps on how to make new friends

Are you interested in meeting new people who share some of the same ideas, beliefs and views as you? The internet is a great place to do just that and a social networking site is the go to place for this kind of activity. Start browsing and joining sites, if you have not already. The number one way to find and communicate with other internet users is social networking sites.

1.) Find an appropriate social networking site

The first thing you will need to do, when you are interested in joining a social website, is find an appropriate network to join. A quick internet search will render a number of social networks for you to peruse. Try to search specifically for social networking websites or simply social networking if you want to get the best search results. Once you have plugged in this data you are going to have a large number of sites to check into. Some of the most popular social networking sites, though they are far from the only ones are Facebook, FriendFinder, Yahoo!360, MySpace and Classmates.

2.) Join by simply registering – most are free

When you find a few social networking sites you would like to join, one of the ones above or other website, you will need to fill out the sites registration. The registration process is necessary even for free networking communities. The good news is you can usually register quickly and begin chatting with other networking members immediately. Of course, before you get too involved in communications you might want to get your profile page completed. This depends on the networking site you are using of course. Creating a profile is not that difficult, however there are many people who are not quite sure where to begin or how much information to include.

3.) Upload current photo to your profile

One of the most important pieces of information you should include in your online profile is a photograph. This does not have to be a personal snapshot, however it is ideal. Others in the online community prefer talking to someone, they can visualize and that is difficult without a picture. This is especially important if you are looking for an online romance. Individuals using these sites for online dating will generally skip over those profiles that do not include a photograph. If you are only using social networking websites for business or to meet friends, it is not as important.

4.) "About you" section – be careful though!

Your name is another thing you might want to include along with your picture. This is one area where you need to be careful; giving your full name is not advised particularly if you are including a personal photo. Many people like to include their location, which is fine; however, like your name you should be cautious, including your full name, location and a photo could be dangerous. A good way to address these concerns is by using a middle name only, or initials and for location use only the state or region where you reside. Your number one priority when developing your social networking profile is personal safety.

5.) Browse and communicate with others

You can safely post information about yourself. It is common to find likes, dislikes, hobbies and even political views on an online profile. In fact, you will find that several social networking websites will have fields preset for this type of information, MySpace is a good example. Along with these preset categories and questions, you will also find fun questionnaires and additional information. Things you may expect to find on social networking websites are life goals, favorite color, most embarrassing moment, favorite animal and so forth. Use discretion when filling out these telling fields online, err on the side of caution and keep your answers vague.

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