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3 Simple Tips on How to Make More Friends

Millions of Americans communicate with each other each day through the internet. Around the world more and more people are reaching out over the net and communicating with people in the United States and around the world. Social networking websites are largely responsible for the broad range of communication that is going on. If you would like to join the band wagon and have a shot at making more friends then you will need to find a social networking website to join.

1.) Search for social network sites

You have a number of options available to you when it comes to finding appropriate social networking websites. A simple internet search is perhaps the easiest way to find the social site you would like to join. “Social networking websites” or “social networking”, are both very searchable terms when you want to search for an appropriate networking site to join. Regardless of the search words or phrases you use one thing is certain, you are going to find a long list of potential sites to join.

2.) Ask your friends and people you know

Another simple way to find and interact with social networking websites is by talking to people you know. Social networks and the internet in general have increased in popularity recently. Since so many people are logging on and communication there is a better than average chance that one of your close personal friends or family members is already a member of a site you could be interested in. The truth is that most people tend to be a member at multiple social networking sites. Check with them for the sites they recommend. There are a number of websites that are highly rated both online and off, however, there are a few that simply are not worth your time and effort.

3.) Seek expert recommendation

You can also seek recommendations from networking experts and people you do not know personally, in addition to talking to friends and family. This can be done online; there are plenty of sites online that host discussions about social networking sites. Generally, these review sites will have reviewed quite a collection of social networking sites. Reviews and articles about social networking are great but if you are still unsure online message boards can also be helpful. There are users online who are more than happy to let you know about which social networking websites are worth the effort and which ones are not.

Conclusion - How to Make More Friends

At the end of the day, despite recommendations of all kinds the decision must be yours alone. You are advised to assess the websites and then come to your own conclusions about which ones are best for your needs. Even if a particular site has glowing reports you should still check it out for yourself, before joining if possible. Many social networking websites are free to users so the only thing you will have lost is a bit of time. Keep in mind that though there are many free sites, some do require paid subscriptions to access and communicate. The good news is many of these will at least offer a free trial. It does not take long to assess a website so even a three-day free trial can be worth the effort.

Where to get started

You should be able to find a number of popular sites, regardless of whether you rely on a simple internet search, recommendations from others or a combination of these techniques. A few sites you might want to consider are Facebook, Yahoo!360, MySpace, Orkut, Nikenya and Classmates. Don't worry, if you do not like any of these sites you can always delete your profile and there will be hundreds more to choose from.

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