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3 Simple Steps on How to Attract Money

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.Thomas Jefferson

3 Simple Steps on How to Attract Money

When a person learns about the Law of Attraction, one of the first things that most people want to do first and foremost is to use the “law of attraction” to attract into their lives - more money. They feel that if they could attract more money, their whole world and their very lives could change for the better.

What they don't realize is that they might be creating more problems for themselves by focusing their awareness on “their lack of money” and the need to have more.

There is so much tied into money, such as peace of mind, happiness, and security. But you have to stop focusing on your lack of money. When you focus on what you lack according to the Law of Attraction, you'll keep manifesting that for yourself. Then you'll only end up frustrated and attracting more lack for yourself.

  • Below are three things that you can do to overcome such a predicament

1.) Focus on the good and lighten up

Make attracting money to yourself fun. Think of ways that you can do and make money while at the same time have fun attracting money. The key here is to act as if you are already at the state that you'd like to be at, you are already content and satisfied. This leads to the next point:

2.)Be what you want to attract

So many people feel that if they had such and such a thing, then they'd be. Why not be what it is that you'd like to be now? Really, what's stopping you from acting as if you already have it? Of course you can't spend money you don't have, but you can make internal changes that will put you in a spiritual place to receive your financial bounty.

3.)Stop worrying about how it's going to happen

Don't spend time worrying about how the money is going to come about. Just be on the lookout for opportunities to create more for yourself. Don't get caught up in deadlines that will bring you down, and that will create blockages for your bounty. Trust whatever learning curve, or process that you have to go through to achieve your goals and desires and you'll get the blessings soon enough.

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