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My friends, family and at times strangers, keep asking me, so what is Nikenya all about?

“Instantly Develop Deep Connection With Friends”

And Be Able to Do Twice The Work In Half The Time!

Free Report Reveals How to Control Conversations to Ethically Close Deals, Make Friends and Influence Your Coworkers, Family Members or Business Clients by Staying In Charge of Conversation Completely Undetected

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The New American Dream, a New Beginning and a Better You!

Back in the day, if you wanted to succeed in life, you were told to work hard, be persistent and vigilantly remain focused on your goals. For most folks, that is all it took to achieve their dreams.

And then the world was turned upside down...

Just like you, and any other ordinary citizen - here I am, standing at my computer workstation, laboring on a task assigned to me by my superiors, in the pursuit of a prized object – freedom.

As I sit upon my wooden chair pondering the meaning of life, I begin to seek a means to an end commonly shared among fellow Americans and people throughout the world.

Achieving what I perceive to be my dreams.

And without doubt, I know, for sure, you too have your own dreams, right? I'm I wrong?

This notion of actualizing one's dreams in life is something so seemingly simple, yet complex, complicated by the innate intricacies dictating the flow of modern life. Its remarkable how dreams are a powerful force that binds the human population together into a singular common pursuit.

Continue reading more about the "10 unique ways to keep the American dream" life and kicking

 Nikenya, Friends You Can Almost Always Count On

New Day. Better You!
  • Ask and Learn,
  • Discover it All,
  • Connect the Dots,
  • Be Happy and Joyful,
  • Share, Save or Delete.

How about a little bit of talk about the most contentious issue of all time! I know you are going to love this one, are you ready? Alright, here we go:

Boyfriend versus Girlfriend issues. Dive in, have fun and learn something!

Something else...

Discover remarkable best friends gift ideas, poems, jokes and quotes.

Find out why true friendship can help you not only to find satisfaction, joy and peace in life but also an enduring hope for a better tomorrow by overcoming the fear of failure that is holding you back in your life.

Oh, by the remember how I started by telling you how folks ask me what this site is really about? Well,

For a very long time, I wrestled, trying to provide the best answer that was simple enough to accurately explain in a word or two, what this site is really all about. But each time I failed, miserably! It just wasn't making sense. That is when it dawned upon me that, this site has and will always be about the pursuit of authentic happiness

Delightful and Fascinating Gifts For Friends and Family


One of my best gift giving stories was one about this particular Christmas, this happened really long time ago. I had found a gift for everyone else except the hardest person on my list; my mum!

Now we all know that most moms will like or at least appreciate any kind of gifts from their little one no matter what. But, that doesn't stop us from wanting to get them something really special.

I had been searching for days and days but just couldn't find the right gift for her. In years past I had always waited until the last second to buy her something but I didn't want to make the same mistake again - of being lazy. This time round, I wanted to have it done right.

My mum had always mentioned how she never had one place to look at all the photos from her wedding, different parties she had attended with her friends, and all her memories from the time when her kids were born. To put together such pictures was a challenge on its own merits. I had to ask a bunch of relatives for different pictures, but definitely it was worth the effort, and here is why:

When my mother opened her Christmas gift on that wonderful Christmas morning, I wish you were there to see how her eyes lit up and literarily popped out as she flipped through the pictures with joy and excitement and almost overwhelmed with the memories that came flooding back to her.

After we all, had opened our Christmas presents...

My mum took her photo album gift and went through page by page as she narrated on and on about each photo. I have never seen my mum like that before. Pictures really do say 1000 words. It turned out to be a wonderful present that she still loves to pick and look through now and then.

 Enjoy New day, new beginning and New hope With Family and Friends

Your Best Friends are a Gift

If you love stories, you enjoy reading stories and really like listening to stories...

Then trust me my friends. You are going to love this site

You are going to find all kind of stories. This are not just stories from me, as a matter of fact, most of the stories have been submitted by visitors just like you.


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